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  1. We are now pleased to announce that our included 20Gbps DDoS Protection has been upgraded to 80Gbps DDoS Protection for no additional charge!
  2. New nodes added just in time for the holidays! Come on down and take advantage of our 24-hour trials! No credit card needed! 2020 here we come!
  3. Sorry, my mis-interpretation! In that case I would just suggest buying a decent closet burner off eBay, loading CentOS onto it, then running things with LinuxGSM. This would require minor knowledge with Linux. Windows would also be do-able of course, in which case batch files should work just fine. More detailed information can be found here: https://ark-survival-evolved.fandom.com/wiki/Dedicated_Server_Setup
  4. We would be happy to help you out ChicagoServers.co has a very easy, yet powerful control panel that even beginners can navigate. Ordering with us is simple and your server is online instantly. Please check out our main post here. The first step would be to purchase a server. You can configure all of the settings such as the server's name, from directly within the control panel. Then, connection information is provided to you and you can connect to the server from within the game, or Steam, after adding the server as a favorite. Point and click configuration is the best part of our control panel. You can be up and running and playing with friends in no time at all. No managing files if that's not your type of thing. Of course we offer full file access should you become more familiar with administration of the server. Our team is always available via live chat which is great for small questions that you may not want to open a support ticket for. Reach out to us and see if we're what your looking for. We also offer a 7-day no questions asked money-back satisfaction guarantee!
  5. At this time we are no longer offering free trials anymore due to high demand until further notice. The post will be updated accordingly if this changes. Thanks!
  6. We are pleased to announce that Valguero has been added to all of our servers! Current customers- simply trigger a Steam update!
  7. Feel free to check us out.. give one of our free trial servers a run. Many of our customers get publicly joining players within a few hours- but there is certainly no surefire way to achieve that. PM with any questions!
  8. The most common cause that I've seen for those issues are some type of problem with your command line parameter structure. Try including it with your start command as the above user posted.
  9. Premium DDoS Protection - Solid State Drives - Industry Leading Control Panel I would like to introduce everyone to a premium line of ARK and other premium game server hosting located in the heart of the US. ChicagoServers is a hosting entity with experience staff boasting cumulative experience of 23 years in the industry. We offer ARK hosting starting at $15/mo with industry leading TCAdmin 2 which has been customized specifically for ARK and is now mobile friendly, allowing you to control your server from virtually anywhere. We allow FULL control over your server and its files. Run whatever mod you wish! We offer comprehensive support on all of our servers and will assist with basic mod installs. With our kickass support team offering support via tickets, live chat, and email, you'll be up and running in no time. Even if you don't have any server administration experience, give our trial a shot and you'll quickly learn how easy it is to customize a server, and also how solid our network is. We don't make our customer bid over one another for processing power, or claim to have low prices and then sell you a hefty monthly charge by the end of the ordering process. All of our nodes are load balances and we never oversell so bottlenecking will never be a problem. We promise. Main Features: - GroupPay allows your clan/group to add funds to your account directly. And, everyone can see all transactions! - Industry leading E5 processors with a minimum 96GB RAM. - 7-Day money back guarantee. - Centrally located servers in Chicago provide low pings and consistent connections to all players worldwide! - Dedicated IP Addresses available. ** Server clustering available! Simply purchase two servers from us and setup in minutes! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO & TO ORDER! Limited Time Sale: Use code SAVE20 to take 20% off of your first invoice! * All servers include a risk-free 24-Hour Trial, No credit card needed! Control Panel Screenshot: ** One-click mod install from the Steam workshop directly in our control panel! https://ChicagoServers.co Try us out and you won't be disappointed- your satisfaction is our top priority. Did we mention we beat any other reputable company by 10%? Just submit a copy of your current invoice!
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