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  1. If you enter the tunnel you fall into a spot under the map and your stuck
  2. The only problem I see with the current setup is. I believe that many will burn out much faster in official. Which I also play, but everything you say is sound. I think a compromise would be to have a broken tek suit that you maybe have to repair to get all the benefits.
  3. Well Zayisha the difference is i cant jet pack to safety every time something happens. I have to tame dinos before i can fly. You get a great sense of satisfaction when your dino is tamed up and you do the exploration. Taking the sense of danger away just kills it for me. Dont get me wrong i love the tek suits, but i would like to have that be a reward for working up to that point in the game, but if thats what you like dont let anyone take it away from yah :). Everyone should be happy:).
  4. I love the new environments and all the new gadgets, but I do think we should have a tek suit that is not operational. A tek suit that only has fall protection at max. That way it matches the story and it not overpowered. Being able to fly punch speed run may seem fun at first, but give it a couple hours and you'll have a different taste for the game. I am running a server that takes it off on spawn in. This saved my experience, but to make the story more believable if they were to just have a busted tek suit thats more for looks at the start it would be for the best.
  5. So is this like week 7 still cant play i think i am moving on
  6. woke up early to try again same thing happened. Day 5 still cant play
  7. I am having the same problem and 30+ more people are as well that I know personally . I cant join my own server.The only thing i can do is join official,or play single player and single player the resources are busted on single player,and official is to time consuming. I just want to play on my server like i always have done.
  8. people need to use the obsidian pick for coal, and you can also get it from the coal crystal nodes..To get bees wax you have to make an actually tamed hive queen and drone inside and it will create honey and beeswax..
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