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  1. They also weren’t in follow
  2. ....... When your game doesn’t save !!!! God I had to go through he Sarco egg hatching all over again just hatched the baby Parcertheriums who are now adults they had a imprint one was walking the other was hand feed mejia adorable but the Sarco hatched and after just having twins I wasn’t expecting for the egg to hatch lvl 24 triplets I ran out off meat went off can’t back they are gone no bodies no nothing nothing popped up on my screen saying they died they were just gone ? What happened they weren’t on wander they were juveniles who were eating off a trough ran out of meat came back gone !!!
  3. I hatched my Sarco who is a lvl 24 and is a male can I breed the new Sarco with the mom when it’s older will it work ( the Sarco is now a juvenile ) and so are the Parcertheriums
  4. Will I have enough berries
  5. OmG I just got twins lvl 2 boy and girl !!!
  6. I was also thinking about breeding my Sarco and Kaprosuchus is this hard ( a poop lot of meat )
  7. Also how long till the baby becomes a adult
  8. Do I do anything during the pregnancy also she is poopting a lot
  9. Hi I’m getting my first baby Parcertherium my female is pregnant , wow 1 hour to get they baby lvl 14 and 6 just literally just tamed the lvl 6 and brought it to the base I need tips on what to do also it’s my first mammal baby I’m used to eggs
  10. Thanks for all the feedback didnt think people would reply , but I was wrong .
  11. I need a Quetz to help me move base I also need levels to unlock the saddle .
  12. Lol they know they bought it for my 11 Birthday so ye and I’m good at it not as good as any other lvl 40 human or Ark Island Easy zone .
  13. Thanks how are they aggressive or passive flea , the Tapejara area I looked for some the areas in the Spawn map Island and can’t find them Arge or Quetz
  14. I tried it with the ones I’ve got I don’t work I’ll ise neutral from now one thanks also how do I get back no raft no ptera yes I have a few at the base but I can’t ride them I don’t have enough resources to male the saddle
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