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  1. Playing since Beta but still a noob Hey all, Although I've played Ark on xbox, PC and Mobile and owned each expansion as it released as well as beta before the official release I still feel like a new player. I've been in tribes before and even run a couple, one of which was alpha back in pre official but I've never managed to be successful solo or get into a new tribe since aberrations was launched. Partly because I was fed up of inside raid drama and partly because I felt I could enjoy the game solo. I'm a builder and although I can build op pvp bases I prefer aesthetically pleasing builds but they are often easy to raid and although I may convince large groups and other tribes to give me a pass eventually someone with a breed levelled rex gets bored and burns everything I have. So that brings me to now. For the first time I'm introducing myself on here and I'd like to get to the higher levels of this game but to do that I need others. As server hoping and chat isn't working can anyone steer me in the direction of your community? I have a character I've been solo levelling up to 65 but after the lost recent wipe of my base I'm pretty free to join someone. If you are looking for someone semi experienced and a mature mindset hit me up.
  2. its a net. The rocks on the bottom suggest use under water or some type of net gun perhaps. My best guess would be a gun that fires nets and is part of the same tree as the bola
  3. You've messed up ramps with this update. I can no longer place a ramp on a foundation correctly instead it snaps backwards through the foundation which should be impossible
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