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  1. Could you do all us bored people a favor and extend the 2x, 3x, or whatever increases breed rates to be a whole lot more frequent than just the weekend, or start the Easter event early so I’ll have things to do in quarantine from Corona Virus (I’m in USA, California and very bored from my state’s lockdown policy). The increased harvest rate only goes so far once things are harvested, I’m bored again. I have expanded my base 3 times in stone, and it’s currently so big my neighboring tribes have moved away. (Sorry). But it’s all I can do with just harvest rates. Thanks for bringing the EVO event for this weekend early! That helps. But could a policy be made for the duration of quarantine over the course of the Corona Virus epidemic? There will be people sheltering from it as long as it’s running rampent. thanks a ton!
  2. Thanks for the update. hope the issues that were fixed last week with genesis come to Xbox this week. We need it.
  3. Please fix the faces of the lightning Wyvern and other Wyverns. Some have odd eyes (look at the Lightning wyvern’s eyes). Some Dino’s have bulging, sunken or disfigured eyes. (Again, Wyverns). i love my Wyverns. Raising them is my joy. real world Dino will be added? My guess is Either Dracorex Hogwortius (or similar Packy varient), Amargasaurus, Ceratosaurus, Carcaradontosaurus, maybe a Styrachosaurus? All awesome and stunning variants. brachiosaurus? :O
  4. I have the same problem. Island server, official Xbox server. Focal chili gives two separate “poison” indicators, with a banner that reads “you have been poisoned!” This was recent, too. It doesn’t seem to do any damage, however... but it does scare me each time. Wish someone would look into it by eating one.
  5. Please add breeding increase to the Valentines event? I could really use it. also, please fix the Dino Candy despawning. It disappears after every event. (My only two hopes, other than getting my hands on a box of chocolates in PVE to cut tame times in half).
  6. They responded in my email saying they are aware of the issue and are going to fix it. Don’t know when, though. But at least it’s not intentional, and they are aware now.
  7. Right now I’m just bummed that my Dino candy keeps despawning after each event (except last year’s Easter candy) on Xbox Official the Island 550, and right now all corrupted Dino’s on extinction 1065 are invisible making it impossible to get the element/shards needed to clone my crab. I need that crab for underwater caving and extinction stuff. currently running dust Gachas on island and painstakingly crafting shards one by one. Shards needed for this level 222? 13k. If I use the crab and clone it later, each level added ups the cost to clone it... so, patience is key. (Yes, I have tried to put the word out about these glitches, check for them, I sent you guys the information through the right channels).
  8. Corrupted Dino’s are invisible The corrupted Dino’s on extinction are invisible on 1065. Can’t find a single corrupted Dino, and I keep getting attacked by invisible foes, and when I defend myself from the invisible attack, corrupted nodules appear in my tame’s inventory. It doesn’t even log that the tame has eaten anything (the yellow letter banner at top of screen doesn’t appear). can somebody look into this? Really hoping to do some drops and veins, which are also nowhere to be found (maybe invisible, maybe not properly spawning). please help? thanks!
  9. Dino Candy despawning After each event at some random time that seems to coincide with a server reset of some sort, The Dino candy will vanish from the server. I’ve asked around and all the other tribes have this same problem on our server. I’m in Xbox EU Ark Official The Island 550. And I keep collecting vaults of candy during each event only to have it just vanish at some random time. I only have candy from the last Easter event now. For some odd reason, it’s the only candy that has yet to despawn. Please help? it may seem small, but it means a lot to me and my tribe. I’m rationing what little candy I have left now (the one from Easter of last year). My stock is dwindling. Odd to feel anxiety over this. Please patch this?
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