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  1. Yeah ok I will soon redo it and make separate posts, what do you think about the other 2 though? *edit* Also more meshing yeah that is highly unlikely, meshing happens every day on a lot of servers and a lot of times so I really do doubt it.
  2. Many Improvements needed for ark small tribes The current state of the game is very hard to play and makes it not as enjoyable as it could be. I see a lot of potential in the game and it can have a lot more players than it currently has just with a few simple but game changing adjustments. These 3 suggestions would change the game and make it a lot more playable and would encourage people that don't have as much time to play the game as well. I really hope you decide to make these changes. Thanks, Your fellow survivor - Syx Increase turret cap to 150 or 200 The current turret cap is very hard to work with and spots that would be very nice to build in are basically impossible to defend because of the current 100 turret cap, increasing it by 100 or even 50 more would make a massive difference and would enable tribes to build in places that would be initially near impossible to defend with the 100 turret cap. It would make raiding and defending way more fun and would enable way bigger battles and raids which would mean it would be a little more challenging for both the raider and the defender. Decrease transfer timer One of the many time consuming tasks on small tribes is transferring servers, many people have outposts on different server for farming resources that would normally be hard in their main base spot/main map meaning they have to transfer a lot and having the timer as 15 minutes makes it so much longer that it should be. Decreasing the timer to 5 minutes or even 10 minutes would make such a difference and would make the game way more enjoyable to play meaning the player base will grow due to the fact that not many people have the time for such a time consuming game which can be fixes with the current suggestions. Enable no collisions for structures Enabling no collisions for structure would enable tribes to build way better looking bases and let them utilize all the space efficiently, I understand it wouldn't be as realistic but it would majorly improve how people build and where people build too meaning that more spaces will be way easier to build in which would encourage people to build in the spots that are currently too hard to build in. This is also a problem since many spaces are already taken by big tribes and many big tribes raid lots of starters and enabling no collisions on structures would also allow starters to hide way better meaning they can survive for longer which would also make it more enjoyable to play the game.
  3. This is still an ongoing issue! Please fix!
  4. Sounds amazing I would definitely buy it and looks like you have put a lot of thought into this.
  5. No only the Managarmr's ruin it, extinction would be amazing without them and if they got removed other than that extinction is perfect for ark.
  6. Highly disagree this would be too op even if the enagram was unlocked at a higher level, it wouldn't even make sense since it is a tek item and it should technically be crafted in a tek replicator.
  7. That would be amazing, I have wanted this since I have first played ark.
  8. Raided a metal base that had no turrets, which I got a fert argent egg, 2k metal and some cp from then killed all their tames because that's what everyone always does to me so I'm just returning the favour >:D
  9. Remove Managarmr's Just remove them, they are a massive game killer and it is extremely easy to get around with not to mention how easy it is to tame; There are always Mana traps everywhere on extinction and anyone can use them and when they do actually get trapped and you start tranqing them they start boosting which takes their food down by a lot which basically instantly tames them after they are down and you put raw meat inside.
  10. Griffins I do agree on but not wyverns however because it would be too overpowered and would be a game killer just like mana's.
  11. Interesting outcome, never thought that wyverns were that strong.
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