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  1. not as bad as raptors EDIT:they might be releasing the troodons in this dungeon too so they are also crazy with the stun lock
  2. rexsamz

    Cave Mounts

    baryonyx is the best cave mount in other platforms and it could of been for mobile too but since wolves can have helmets maybe not
  3. just looking for some numbers.. So I was wondering what the maximum damage you can achieve on different weapons when they are ascendant and they get the full bonus of the rarity the weapons i want the values for: longneck rife: compound bow: pump_action shotgun pike:(base damage no need to include melee damage): sword(base damage no need to include melee damage):
  4. sounds like severe lag
  5. taming a titan on single player is so tough especially on mobile but theoretically it should be possible
  6. I don't believe so I think chronicling works kinda like cryopods so you should have to tame again
  7. no its a set difficulty and the difficult is set by the server or by you if you play single player
  8. In those dungeons I think ascendant is necessary and lots of soups also quick tip if you don't to lose your stuff just make a save file before you start the dungeon and when you die delete the current save file you were on and re log to the one you saved before entering the dungeon no stuff lost and you can try again
  9. I mean in real life if the big monkey man punched you,you would probably be in the ground so there is a sense of realism here but you would be dead so maybe not. Its bug lets hope it gets fixed like the other pending bugs
  10. rexsamz

    10x Balm nerfed?

    just keep grinding your luck can't be that bad
  11. rexsamz

    Organic polymer

    yea kill penguins and harvest with the club or a peglagornis
  12. I find them on or near mountains and of course the redwoods too also found the blur variant in the redwoods too didn't tame though only a level 2
  13. rexsamz

    tek Tek helmet

    yea I know maybe in the future due to player complaints they will change that and make it more the the pc version
  14. lava cave by south east corner its in my opinion the hardest because of the jumps and my traumatising experience of my favourite tame burning in the lava just keep me from going in but I think after you get a hold of the routes of the cave you should be fine and take your time on jumps and have run ups but be careful a tame like dire-wolf could over jump and get into more trouble but at the same time a bary can miss a jump without a run up.also if you dont want to risk your tames try speed running it naked with a bed outside.
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