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  1. Its weekend.. A good day to join any of or maps. Tomorrow we run our popular Market. Read more at our Discord. All are welcome. Newbiee and Pro Best Regards AdminGroup
  2. We have started Valentin´s Day Week at our servers. Red, Pink, and White colored wild creatures can be found * Valentines Chocolate: Restores full HP, or knocks 40% off a creatures taming bar * Valentines Candy: Gives your tame random dino colors when eaten * When mating, creatures have a 25% chance to drop an item
  3. it must be online for 7 days. under this 7 days, it can't be restarted, crash or lost internet connection. After 7 days it will show. But good luck, your xbox can not be online for 7 days. It will crash or lost the connection xbox live. Hosting a server from a Xbox is bad idea.
  4. Hey Snoats Iam sorry for late respons. You are welcome to join us. Valguero is our most populated map. But we wipe and clean everyday. So you can find a good spot to start you new Life And do not forgot to join our very popular Discord. We have more then 450 members. But i Think we all still are a great big happy family. Best Regards ALF
  5. Do not miss our Marketday this Sunday at our Valguero 70 slots servers. Buy/sell and trade Dinos and other stuff. Our currency are Metal Ingot. Best Regards Admins team
  6. We are running Hell Event this weekend Our Hell Events are hosted by our Event server. So its not effect our standard Aberration server. Hell Event is a Hell Event, we make this event for our very high skilled players in our cluster. This event is not a easy task. Its not a regular Aberrition map, we have teak lot of dangerous things, even bosses are spawned in to this world with other deadly things who want to take you down. But to get good and colorful dinos you need to take this challange. Get High level Dinos over level 900 Map: Aberrition TIme: Friday - Monday morning More Info: Flyers are disable You will find the event server in our cluster. DO NOT START A LIFE AT THIS SERVER. Happy Weekend! Best Regards ALF
  7. We running Hell Event all weekend. Tame High level Dinos at our Special Event Server only dedicated for Hell Events. Today we rotate the map to Aberration and it will be online until Friday, then we swap to Ragnarok Fri-Sun And We also run Easter at this event server Welcome to join!
  8. Hell Event Upcoming information After the Castle / Princess / Krull event is done. We start up the Hell Event. (Its not going to start before The Castle event is defeted! So everyone at the cluster should help the braves who fight in this battle) Max Level Wild 900 Tame Speed is 10x We are gonne random rotate map all this week and ucoming weekend Maps: Valguero, Ragnarok, Aberrition Important: DO not let your character stay at the Event map when you are offline. We changing the map every 48 hour! FAQ * Why not even higher wild Level? We do not want any dino nerf this time. With tame bonus. you easy get over level 1000 * This is Hell Event, no help, no compensate, you are all alone, no wining, cryaing. * We have had set another difficulty to Hell Event. Yes its PVP... Not only wild dino wants to kill you now. Watch your back! * Hell Events are not only a standard map, we have the server to spawn lof of things all over the place who want your blood. * You can find Elements at some drops
  9. This weekend we have two huge Events Saturday: Island Carnival Sunday: Princess Unicorn / Castle War Its not to late to join and be a part in this events. All event information you can find at our Discord. Join our discord using this code: DA9jnzP Welcome!
  10. We have extended the Easter Event. It will run all this week, and weekend
  11. We are running Easter Event at all server all Weekend. It ends Monday Morning. Very nice wild colors all over our cluster.
  12. Deticated X Jousting Tournament Date: Saturday 24th August Time: 12am UK 7pm EST 4pm PDT Location: Valguero Event Server Coords: 65.0 72.5 Rules: 1. Each participant gets 1 test run each way down the arena. 2. Each contest will be best of 3. 3. Everyone participating will be paired up upon arrival. 4. The winner of each contest moves onto the next draw until 2 remain for the final joust. 5. The final joust is best out of 5. Prize: 1st place will receive a Full set of Ascendant Flak Armour along with a beautiful golden Level 750 Equus. All participants will be provided with armour, lance, and equus for the fights.
  13. Upcoming Event "The return of Lady Unicorn and the evil Warlord Krull Part 1" Story: As many know.. The mad dog Warlord Krull escaped in this last saga. Latest intel says that The mad Dog Warlord Krull have a big castle at our PVPVE Valguero Event Server.. Its time to take this mad dog down one for all. Your mission: Storm the castle with coords given later. This is a Battle you all must Cooperate to storm and kill everything in the castle this include all admins include Event Managers. They will defend Krull. If the cluster win? We start up a "Hell Event" There you can find high level dinos to tame... Time: Friday 23 Aug 1pm PST time will this event be open. And its ends when you have defeat the castle. Join and be a part in it.. We only run PVE, but our Event server will run PVPVE mode in this event. All Welcome!
  14. iIs a Friday and Weekend! A good day to join or fantastic Cluster and Community! Welcome Best Regards Admin team
  15. This month and next we will run many events in our new event server. Our events server is a 70 Slots Valguero map (do not join this server) If you join you should start your life at our standard 50 slot Valguero server. Our Event server have no nights, no dinos. Upcoming events Dodo Treasure event Sell and buy dinos at our new market place Gladiator arena Mazerunner And more is coming We always recommend to join our great Discord Community also. Over 400 members who will welcome you. Make new friends, team up for bossfights. Our discord link you can find at our frist page. Welcome!
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