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  1. Some server settings update You can now craft Elements in Replicator from Ingots Craft Elements from dust is now Automatic unlock from Level 5 We still run Fear Evolved 3 at Our Island and SE server. And will continue do it for some more week or weeks If you want to play a a Friendly Cluster with all maps, you are welcome to join. Best Regards Admins Team
  2. We have no ended Fear Evolved and activated Easter instead. We still run Fear Evolved at our island and SE map We have also made pickup structure to 1 hour.
  3. The sad thing. I can not update my Advertise for my Server.. And my cluster is like over 2 years old. And I keep updating it, but can not change my first post with all settings.
  4. Thanks for the support Razer This is a very good example how kind players we have in our cluster. All friendly and we all getting good friends to play with. For the time we still running Fear Evolved 3 at all our servers. This weekend we have lot of Halloween events running at our Valguero Event server 70 Slot. Welcome to join and find out what we are doing. Best Regards Admin Team
  5. We are looking for new ARK Mom. A person who can handle, organize our community in game and at our Community using Discord. Set rules and watch out that everyone feel good and solve problems. You will be Second Chief in Command with huge power to change things. You will be a Admin both in game and at our discord. This job is not easy, and we think you have great experiance to handle all social situations. Its important you always is calm and fair. We do not think a Man can handle this job. We looking for a women in age of 30-99. Contact ALF at our Discord if you feel you are the person for this Job. Background: We have Discord with almost 500 members. All are very family and friends but sometimes it can be some drama. Your primary goal is to judge and be fair and calm down all situations. Social with all so everyone can feel great even you ofc. Best Regards Admin Team
  6. Hey.. You can Always join our discord and see if anyone looks for a new tribe member. Disord Code is: DA9jnzP Or you can jusck check our website and see if our Community is somethinig for you. www.ark-servers.nu Best regards ALF
  7. Can not sign in with XBOX account at the forum Hey Iam trying to login using my XBOX account. And get a error massage. I have tried to login using every abalible Webbrowser at both of my computer. Windows 10 and OSX. The error massage says: invalid_request: The provided value for the input parameter 'redirect_uri' is not valid. The expected value is a URI which matches a redirect URI registered for this client application. Anyone else who have this problem? Best Regards ALF
  8. From October 22nd to November 5th, the spookiest Event will be active! Its Time to Join and be a part in our ARK Fear Evolved For those who've seen the ghoulish graves and overgrown pumpkin patches; fear not, there will be a number of new items to collect! Stay tuned for chilling trailer reveal and more details on the event! Jack O'Lantern Mask Hockey Mask Headless Neck stump Halloween-inspired Dino Colorization Candy Spooky Emotes Panic Emote Spooky Dance Emote Zombie Emote Pumpkin Stolen Headstone Scarecrow DodoRex Zomdodo Dodo Wyvern Skeletal Giganotosaurus Skeletal Quetzal Skeletal Jerboa Bone Fire Wyvern Zombie Fire Wyvern Zombie Lightning Wyvern Zombie Poison Wyvern Skeletal Bronto Skeletal Stego Skeletal Trike Skeletal Raptor Skeletal Rex Skeletal Carnotaurus
  9. Long Waiting is over At Friday we will start Hell Extiction.. No crying, no wining, no admins support... No one will hear your crying when things goes bad at this Hell Event. You will find it in our cluster. Happy hunting! Server Name: DeticatedX Hell Halloween Event Start/end: Friday to Monday morning Difficulty: x29 = Max wild level 870 Note: There will be lot of strange poop spawning all over the map. And it will be difficult. Its Hell You know... Happy hunting!
  10. Special Sea Market today Sunday 6 OKT This time we run Sea Market and only sell Sea Creature. At our new Sea Market at our Valguero Event map 70 player server. COORD: 64 - 30 TIME: 10h and 30 min from this time 1 PM PDT 9 PM UK 11 PM Finland 10 PM Sweden 4 PM New York Join and prepare for our very popular Market, sell and buy your Sea creature. Currency are Metal Ingots. But i can also be what the Seller need and want. Sellers should prepare the selling Dinos 1 hour before the Market starts. Special: Thanks to Password who have worked hard to build this Sea Market. It sue a sight and worth a visit. Welcome
  11. I do not recognize any of the things you say.. You must play at real bad servers. Join our cluster. And be a happy Player You are welcome! Best Regards ALF
  12. This week events * Easter Event is Active at our high level maps Center and Extiction. * Our Sundaymarket will be at our new SeaMarket located at our Event Server. Fixes: We have also fixed Raw Fish stack to 500 from 100. All servers in our cluster ofc. Welcome to join
  13. We plan a lot of Halloween events this year Here is some info for the events we planing * Trick and treat event Valguero Event map, Valguero goes nigh for a week! * Most frightening house contest with cemetery Valguero Event map, Build area only Redwood, Valguero goes nigh for a week! * Halloween Market Valguero Event map, only scary dinos, with some mods, Valguero goes nigh for a week! * Hell Event goes Halloween Extiction, only night, lot of bad things will be spawned. * Wildcard Halloween Event We are real sure Wildcard will get us all a Halloween event this year. And we hope Dodorex is coming to visit us.
  14. We have changed the difficulty at our Aberration servers. So higher wild Dinos can spawn. We have also changed some stack size and put some more base weight at chacrater.
  15. Its weekend.. A good day to join any of or maps. Tomorrow we run our popular Market. Read more at our Discord. All are welcome. Newbiee and Pro Best Regards AdminGroup
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