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  1. This Game is a Mess Let me start by saying for the most part i love this game or rather the concept behind it. I have over 48 days play time before anyone accuses me of just being a newb. Honestly the game is a train-wreck, between spawn zones not actually being suitable for low level players (spawn in the recommended you'll get pined by a 150 raptor before your character has a chance top wake up) and the power balance being broken between tribes. We have built up on 5 different servers 5 times we got to having an indie forge and someone on a Mana was able to tank our turrets, kill all our tames and then wipe the base, it's not something that can at that level be defended against when you have a ramshackle Pickaxe and 1000 bullets in 8 turrets. People have justified this by saying that "Oh they are just trolls that don't want you on their server" okay but why is that their choice, that's every server and every cluster, you grind and struggle it takes you more than a day sometimes just to get the turrets up and they do nothing, the people who wipe you get nothing, repeat with 5 other tribes across as many days. I know people are gonna say "that's PVP" but it's not, when there is no risk and no challenge to the raid that's not PVP that's punching down, what is that guy on the level 62 Pt gonna do to you on your level 300 Lightning Wyvern? is he gonna pick you up with that 145 carry weight? it's like killing a Compy on a Rex. It's a mixture of both the Devs being short sighted and players being toxic that has ruined this game, the Devs concentrate on end game not thinking through what it takes to get to levels where you can get those items from Level 70 onwards it's a slog and you can't build because you can't build Heavy Turrets, it just turns into a cycle of Repair-Wipe-Repair-Move-Repeat. Toxic players are also to blame for the state of the game, as said before you on your Wyvern/Mana have nothing to gain from destroying a low level base, there was a guy joined into our server and just flew around destroying everything that wasn't metal, he would then go into the bases and popcorn the loot inside. Again Punching down against people so low they can't punch back isn't PVP, and to those who say that people should go to PVE if they don't like it there is just a tiny problem there structure spam is a thing you can't build and you can't gather because people can build in key areas. Once again i'm not complaining about PVP in fact i raid myself, we were once in an Alpha tribe, we would wipe trolls and allow people to build up so that we would gain something when we raided others, half the time we only did for blueprints at that level mainly because we could gather far more resources in less time it took to raid someone. My issue isn't with PVP it's balance.
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