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  1. Sadd that the game is dying due to these lil issues may not be a lot commenting but that is because they feel whatsbthe point, wildcard has sowed everyone they don’t give a raptor about anything or anyone, they take 2 weekday to respond to tickets and then tell u have to respond within few days or it considered “resolved” and on top of the process u go thru and time to submit ticket they tell u have to go thru another process then they view it and get back to u in who knows how many days, it’s like they created a system in which they won’t have to be blamed completely or be at fault , as far as this transfer block / upload/download block most likely if they do feel bad they will at most make it 4x or something but no point cuz some tames we have in upload wont come back to us and stats never will as well not to mention mutation developers in this game are poop sad to say only reason this game is still going is due to players not developers making good game or dlc lol all that is useless if no players & even this few players are most megas who can afford to lose few tames
  2. So disappointing that we have to sit here and watch out items/tames in upload just disappear and being unable to do anything, I understand it is for good cause to get rid of Cheaters but as for a big company that keeps rolling out dlc on this game u would expect they at least found a way to avalanche out the fairness and find way to punish cheaters without messing up progress for us or at least be more attentive to people who have these issues in these situations who aren’t cheaters
  3. Yess very unfortunate sadly thank u
  4. 16 hr transfer block? Sooo I always keep few items in upload jus for emergencies, found out few hrs ago there was a server block , only issue is when I tried to refresh my upload I cannot download my items uploaded in ark data but yet timer counter is still going down, soo am I going to lose all my items before this block is lifted?
  5. lol thanks for the helpful info yea been doing it ever since and havent lost em yet its big help for good tames appreciate ya
  6. Oooh okay so I don’t have to necessarily bring my dinos directly to the obelisk just in range? I’m thinking about how to get my Dino close enough without it getting killed en route or getting killed while I leave it alone to go to obelisk away from my base but I could jus build mini fence around him I guess & can you only upload dinos could I do it with items as well? & how come this info as far as being able to store dinos is not on most forums? Thanks for replying with really helpful info though I appreciate it, btw when u say ticket do you mean like when you report a bug/issue on system or Ian there a way to submit directly to ark?
  7. Scooby420 how do i upload my dinos so that they wont get killed when i go offline? ive heard your supposed to go to one of the obelisk but i dont know what to do once i get there and when i looked online i see most forums say you can use supply drop/crate can somebody help me please ive lost several tames and just found out you can store your tames to keep them safe so they wont get killed when you go offline and that you have about 24 hrs to get them out of the obelisk but was not explained how to store them
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