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  1. dinodude

    genesis hopes

    i just thought of another dino, a dino that can collect certain berrys (like something of a theri)
  2. dinodude

    genesis hopes

    genesis hopes what i hope for genesis is new creatures that aren't just standard dinos like how flyer do long distance and how rexes are used for fighting, i want to see dinos like them but used for multiple uses like a combat dino that can be used to get metal or a land dino that can be a long distance glider. maybe even just new actual dinosaurs like a new type of combat creature like something of a rex or giga, possibly a new type of creature that can knockout dino like the scorpion. but those are my hopes i would like to hear your
  3. hello fellow survivors hi survivors im dinodu3 or nomad in the game i hope we can have playing the game and i hope we can meet soon
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