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  1. There's nothing reasonable about it. It's the same infrastructure between the Xbox and Microsoft Store on Win10 (that's why cross-purchase works to begin with) and that infrastructure has very clear provisions to handle these situations. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/publish/manage-submission-options All they have to do is set the submission publish option from "as soon as it passes cert" to "manual," and then they can click the publish button at the same time. It's really as simple as that.
  2. Cross-play servers and .ini: how is Nitrado doing it? This is a long shot, but worth a try. With your own Win10 server (Xbox can connect, where you have .ini file access), how can you enable events, RCON, and other capabilities that Nitrado provides on the same sort of server? Putting the appropriate and wiki-documented items into the .ini doesn't seem to take any effect. Yet if a provider can do it, there's some way -- unless they're actually getting a *different build* altogether, which is possible but just seems bizarre. Has anyone had success with this? Alternatively, if there's a sideload .appx that someone is giving Nitrado under the table, it'd be awesome to make that more broadly available somehow, even if as part of a developer program (Microsoft does have provisions for this).
  3. No, not usually like this, but also not unprecedented. When Extinction came out, it was apparently about a full week between the Xbox update and the Windows 10 update. This time it'll hopefully be quite a bit faster (8 hours and counting...) but we won't really know until we learn more. The best source of up-to-date information appears to be Ced's Twitter account. This was the latest post, saying they were waiting to hear back: https://twitter.com/ComplexMinded/status/1152343698585243649
  4. Same boat here. I play connecting my Xbox to my own Win10 dedicated server, so I can't play at all while the versions are out of sync. I don't think it's possible, but is anyone aware of any way to roll the Xbox patch back and play on a private server with the old version? Having the update in one place but not the other effectively bricked me. Very sad on a Friday night after a long week looking forward to playing
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