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  1. I went down an awful rabbit hole sifting through Discord and it finally just led back to a very welcomed Twitter post: It's getting looked at! Hooray!
  2. Oh, and if you haven't already, please try sending a *polite* tweet to: @survivetheark @complexminded @notdollie It seems like Twitter is our best—and maybe only—hope of getting some attention. At this point, I'm not sure this forum is even monitored anymore.
  3. Nova is spot on with the cumulative nature of the timer. There's definite client involvement here because you can connect to server A, play for 28 minutes, then (without quitting the game entirely) go to server B and get disconnected after the remaining 2 minutes. It's a 100% repro. It's hard to know without their source code, but my best guess is that there's a bunch of logic that's in an async request operation that at some point was put to 30 minutes as a "workaround" for something non-essential that was taking much longer than expected (maybe related to something not available on the
  4. I think everyone on private servers is affected by this. As far as I know, it hasn't even been acknowledged yet. It's not a "crash," though; neither the client nor service apps halt. The distinction is important because a few true crashes were introduced and fixed with FE4; we don't want this completely unaddressed disconnection issue to get mixed up and thought to be "one of the crashes that got fixed."
  5. No luck with the `KickIdlePlayersPeriod` change; modifying it to 360000 from its default of 3600 showed no effect, with me still getting kicked off after 30 minutes on the dot. Same 802.14 (Win10 UWP) dedicated server and 802.9 Xbox client. It's great that some people are seeing this go away, but I have no idea why, how, or how the rest of us get in on it. The game just isn't all that fun when you have to sit through multiple-minute loads every 20-30 minutes and plan everything you do around that...
  6. This seems very plausible. I shared this to the Arkone subreddit, too, and hopefully we can get some people trying before/after to confirm or refute. I'll start trying myself as soon as I can sneak away from work.
  7. I don't think it's your server. You can disconnect from your server (exit to main menu), go join another, or even turn your device off for a night--your 30 minutes of connectivity time will continue counting down right where it left off until you completely kill the client process. Almost positive we're going to need a client update to address the timeout, but neither here nor on any of the Twitter accounts do we see any indication that it's even a known issue.
  8. Oh, joy. Another 30 minute disconnect report that was in a nice, visible top-level post is merged to the end of the "stuff doesn't work" thread. Please note: the 30-minute client disconnect issue has not yet been acknowledged or addressed anywhere, and as far as anyone here knows isn't even known by the dev team. This is not the client crash associated with voice chat that was mitigated.
  9. Edit: I'm not sure what the thread merge methodology used is and if it works for the consumers of it, then great, but I know that I wouldn't find it very useful as an engineer to have specific information about a specific issue buried on page 8 of a literal "stuff doesn't work" thread beneath dozens of "me too" responses and standard QQing. But as long as it all gets known and looked at, then it's all good. Xbox v802.9 client disconnects after 30 minutes This has been mentioned elsewhere and may already be in the pipe, but I haven't seen it mentioned on Ced/Dollie's Twitter discussio
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