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  1. There's nothing reasonable about it. It's the same infrastructure between the Xbox and Microsoft Store on Win10 (that's why cross-purchase works to begin with) and that infrastructure has very clear provisions to handle these situations. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/publish/manage-submission-options All they have to do is set the submission publish option from "as soon as it passes cert" to "manual," and then they can click the publish button at the same time. It's really as simple as that.
  2. Cross-play servers and .ini: how is Nitrado doing it? This is a long shot, but worth a try. With your own Win10 server (Xbox can connect, where you have .ini file access), how can you enable events, RCON, and other capabilities that Nitrado provides on the same sort of server? Putting the appropriate and wiki-documented items into the .ini doesn't seem to take any effect. Yet if a provider can do it, there's some way -- unless they're actually getting a *different build* altogether, which is possible but just seems bizarre. Has anyone had success with this? Alternatively, if there's a sideload .appx that someone is giving Nitrado under the table, it'd be awesome to make that more broadly available somehow, even if as part of a developer program (Microsoft does have provisions for this).
  3. No, not usually like this, but also not unprecedented. When Extinction came out, it was apparently about a full week between the Xbox update and the Windows 10 update. This time it'll hopefully be quite a bit faster (8 hours and counting...) but we won't really know until we learn more. The best source of up-to-date information appears to be Ced's Twitter account. This was the latest post, saying they were waiting to hear back: https://twitter.com/ComplexMinded/status/1152343698585243649
  4. Same boat here. I play connecting my Xbox to my own Win10 dedicated server, so I can't play at all while the versions are out of sync. I don't think it's possible, but is anyone aware of any way to roll the Xbox patch back and play on a private server with the old version? Having the update in one place but not the other effectively bricked me. Very sad on a Friday night after a long week looking forward to playing
  5. I think this is exactly what OP is saying here, though—Ark, for all intents and purposes, does require that you're liberally using the wiki or another crowdsourced collection of information to enjoy. If you want to "discover everything yourself," you're going to be in for a bad time. That's not necessarily a bad thing and it's true of many games, especially sandboxes. And you can still certainly "play blind" and still have fun; there are just going to be big parts of the game that you will very likely never see or experience. Just like you'd never reasonably find the nether in Minecraft on your own, the odds of you stumbling across the Cave of Lost Faith or spontaneously guessing that you tame a Chalicotherium by sneaking up on it with beer (???) are not too great. Again, that's totally fine, but I don't think it's unreasonable to say that progression in the game is NOT self-discoverable.
  6. Thanks, d1nk. That's a good point; keeping things this way might actually make the potentially way too easy SP bosses a bit more of a challenge. Especially if the bosses stay stuck at level 1, getting much higher level tames AND better saddles would almost certainly tip things way too far. I finally found a potentially useful saddle bp (blue, 48 armor zino) that might start directing the breeding program in a different direction. No Rex saddle at all yet, with my highest being a 51 armor journeyman pteranodon bp (pteros unfortunately not very useful with low levels since their stamina growth is so bad). Using crafting bonus as a leveler is an interesting idea. I'll have to see how those numbers work out and be careful not to go too crazy; mindwipe/focal crafting a 100+ armor saddle from that 48 armor bp would definitely be game-breaking, but maybe 60-something on the high end could work. Given the lack of direct experience anyone seems to have with the weird-as-hell SP defaults, I guess all that's left is to just start trying a few things. Plenty of prep left with caves and breeding, but I'll try to update later on for posterity in case anyone is trying the same setup.
  7. Right; my understanding is that it's level 1 bosses with 66% reduced effective health and damage, which will definitely be a LOT easier than official. But the bred dinosaurs, coming out to level 110 or so even after a whole bunch of leveling, are a LOT weaker, too. And then they're going to have crappy saddles to top it off. I just haven't seen any detailed accounts of people actually running bosses with this setup (the dinosaurs and loot you get with 0.2 offset / 1.2 final difficulty) and what it took them to succeed. Cranking the loot multiplier is definitely an option and it seems like the least destructive. I'm just curious if it's enough or too much to keep the game in the fairly large "Goldilocks zone" of real challenge.
  8. Hey everyone, Playing my own Single Player dedicated server and I started off with all the default suggested settings—settings that included the 0.2 difficulty offset that makes the wild max on the island 36. I learned pretty quickly that having my bred tames start out in the 50s was probably going to make my life MORE difficult rather than less difficult by the end, but I figured the really big boss nerfs would even it out. Now, as I'm doing the caves, collecting underwater crates, and otherwise gearing up, I'm also realizing just how the ceiling is on the loot quality; 150% items seem very rare, let alone anything higher. Anyone have any experience doing the (much easier) single player bosses with the (much weaker) combination of low-level dinosaurs and low-quality loot? Can you actually complete content with that configuration? I'm trying to decide if I should reset everything with 1.0, just crank the loot quality multiplier to compensate, or leave things as-is. I ultimately still want things to be challenging "for a casual." I don't want to feel like I could have just brought 5 unsaddled wild tames into an arena and win, but I also don't want to feel like I have no chance against a beta boss unless I've bred a perfectly-mutated high level line of superdinos all outfitted with ascendant, either. Thanks! I was very surprised to not find any stories of people really trying things out with the seemingly weird defaults that come with single player.
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