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  1. This started happening a week or so ago. I'm not sure why or how it's happening when I load into a game of Ark Evolved. This does it on single player or into a server, I've wiped mods, reinstalled and tried single player without them it still does it. I have validated game files multiple times as well. Also tried multiple versions of Proton nothing changes it. Also tried different video cards both Nvidia/AMD and drivers it's coming from Ark itself as nothing outside it has any impact.
  2. Do a search for cdp1337 ARKSurvivalAscended-Linux on github you will find it. Setup a fresh Debian 12 box and run this installer it works great. Only thing so far is it's FASTER And uses half the RAM the windows server does, thanks open source community!
  3. Winders so far, I had my Debian box all ready at launch. Downloaded the server when they made them available and had chuckle when I had found there was no Linux.
  4. If you run pihole you will need to whitelist {api.epicgames.dev} for the in game server browser to work. If it's blocked the gui will kick out back to the main menu when you click join game. Example : https://youtu.be/-v2huC5EHms
  5. Being a Linux guy I had to follow a winders guide and this one seemed good. It may work for you. https://hub.tcno.co/games/asa/dedicated_server/ I can't tell if my server works because my client keeps crashing when I hit join game but it "looks" right.
  6. When are we going to be able to play ASA on our own private servers in our homes???? You have lost a lot of revenue by cutting us all off from our favorite game.
  7. Not in any way shape or form defending Nitrasho or Snail games here but you are way off. I've spent over 20 years in data centers, storage/vmware etc plus have my own home small data center. Electric is only a part of it. Servers cost 5k + (for cheap servers) depending on load out,windows and vmware licensing, cooling (a massive cost), UPS backups, Diesel Generators for the data center, Support staff to service/maintain them, service contracts with HPE/Dell etc to cover hardware failures, data center rent or if they own them upkeep and payments and the list goes on. Now I've seen the minuscule resources Nitrasho gives their Ark servers to run and it's no shock everyone is screaming about the crashing and poor performance. All that aside what everyone is missing is Nitrasho was acquired by Flex Capital which means they were floundering and Flex is going to suck them dry and spit them out eventually, hopefully before their 100 year (yes I'm exaggerating) agreement with Snail runs out. /endrant
  8. Agreed, I bought it dorked around a bit to verify it works in Steam Proton in Arch and then requested refund until I can host my own server cluster like I've been doing for years with Ark Evolved.
  9. We may have to make our own tools scripts for the time being.
  10. All the holidays work in ASE I have a different one running on each map so I can do them all just by teleporting to another map.
  11. I'm already building my Debian server and installing steamcmd to get a jump on things. Once the Steam Dev page is updated we should be able to go ahead and install and run the server. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD#Linux
  12. If we don't want to use the spyware Overwolf can we load mods ourselves in ASA or share them via Git or some other method?
  13. I'm more concerned with Overwolf being embedded, I had expected to pay something for the upgraded game. You can't crank out free content and keep a company alive. You have to have income.
  14. Anyone do EST week nights or weekends want to start a map together? I have my own cluster we can use or if you have one you like that's fine too. Just looking for some good-natured easy going folks who want to have some fun in Ark.
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