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  1. PVE griefing I was doing a trade with a person on a official PVE server and we decided to meet at blue ob and when the person that I trade with unclaimed the dino (Anky) was some starters that sneak up behond us and claimed the Anky and I ask hon to war and then he said ”Im okey babes” then he logged off...
  2. Metal farming solo I am in need of ingot in Ark now and want to know the best way to farm metal solo on Ragnarok. I have tamed a anky and a Argy with 2200 weight and Also want to know the best metal spots to farm as many metal nodes as possibly.
  3. Solo taming Giga Im playing on a official server and I have 16 exeptional kibble and trying to tame a Giga solo. Any tips and advice for taming a Giga solo and where is the Giga spawn area om Ragnarok?
  4. My gamertag is UrbaneChimera86
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