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  1. Ok this is how it happened I transferred from 890 but it never did the transfer just sat at the obi. I went to the server I was trying to go to 1320 and it shows my toon there but won’t let me download him to the ark. My charter is still showing logged on 890 and I can log on him any suggestions on how to fix it so I can log on 1320
  2. If you would of read it closer I can not download either character it just shows it there
  3. It did this to me as well your character got duplicated to the server your trying to go to. You won’t be able to download it however I’ve had a ticket in for a day and no reply still
  4. Customer support Is there no support around any more I’ve had a support ticket open for 24 hours now about being unable to log onto my character because it got duplicated while going to another server and got no reply still
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