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  1. Yeah i need my team of lumberjack and miner mantises again along with my snek to carry the stuff home
  2. Well what system are you guys using cause the bug fix is for xbox and windows 10 versions(not steam)
  3. This issue will be solved with the next patch it is listed in the community crunch along with a few other things
  4. Yeah but the does not work for single or dedicated servers but the heir eggs or even the golden eggs that way they are still a pain to get (Had a hespy for a month and got 4 eggs lol)
  5. Sadly bud i dont think so events are meshed into the primary codes so i dont think you can opt out
  6. The fact is ALOT of people dont report a problem they just spam their twitter with hundreds of posts that get buried by every tom, sausage, and harry. Then half the complaints are just "Fix your game you lazy *bleeps*" "Why arent you guys fixing bugs" Or just outright insulting them the fact is you want something done be polite and wait not throw a childs tantrum about it they fact is they have if i am correct under 30 people at wildcard. So each dino having 300000+ lines of code, then terrains which probably have several million lines and the theres the save data, boot data, t
  7. Yeah i have been playing games since sega and i have played alot of online games theres always alot of bugs but theres millions of lines of code to dig through to find the error and all of us not trained to do coding usually dont know this it could take months to even years to comb through the code
  8. And thats why i always make my forums with the (no aggressive posts) in the titles cause i have been playing ark for almost a year and a half but the people here like to slam them so hard i wouldn't wanna fix anything for people who treated me that badly
  9. I am not gonna sit here and insult you guys i just would like to know if there is a plan to make the basilisk tamable on crystal isles. You guys removed the magmasaur and rock drakes on this area which are the only food they can eat to tame so if it is possible make it tamable using exceptional or extrodinary kibble still semi late game kibble so it wont make it to easy tame. Just a bit of fair exchange since gryphons and other map exclusive dinos are removed could we please get this
  10. Dude if you would have read the community crunch they said its rolling out in 2 days when the turkey event goes live stop being so hard on them they are limited sized team with limitations on all the consoles its not like they can just force it to us
  11. Thank you i love ark but this was a major strain on me i have lost everything and will probably be doing a new server once its fixed but thank you guys for fixing it
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