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  1. Slow heal on stowed cryo pods tames should very slowly regenerate health when stored in cryopod. and i do mean very slowly so it's not stupid OP
  2. Ability to place saddle on crypod should allow the ability to drag a saddle onto a cryopod to equip it to the contained tame. People often make saddles in batches whilst they are crafter and saves have to pull all tames out
  3. Good Idea, Would be nice to have some new features added to underwater building as it has proven quite popular. or even a door that you dont need to access from the bottom only
  4. Option to allow allies to your teleporter without public transportation would be great! And the ability to travel to that teleporter even if your own teleporter is set on private only
  5. Great suggestion! So frustrating!
  6. Yes, both also great ideas! Just an ability to disable passive Dino movements in general so they do not have eating movements or Ally looking Give it an Upvote and hopefully we can make it a reality
  7. 'Stop Tail Movement' to Dino Behaviour Wheel Add an option to stop Dino tail movement to the dino's behaviour wheel, it causes lots of lag and makes it hard to move through base if compact.
  8. Adding Notes to INI File Would be nice if notes can be added to INI file using ";" prefix without having them delete on server boot-up Would be handy for these comments to remain to allow coders to seperate and organise their codes
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