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  1. Yeah the server is back up I just got mine out thanks for the help wildcard
  2. Yeah I posted one and just waiting for a response BushMansGlory are you on the same one as us... the center one?
  3. I am able to log on and connect but when I move around the server doesn’t register that I’m moving... So when I try to reach a ob it just registers me as not physically there so I can’t get out. I have also run into other people who are stuck on this server and there is nothing we can do. I have also completed one of those outages forms. Is there anything else you can do?
  4. Stuck On a broken oceanic server!!! My Xbox gamer tag is SlezzyPenguin and I was raiding with some friends and while transferring We by accident went to a oceanic server. This server is completely un runnable and we cannot even move as the server is at 255 ping. We both have high level characters and we need some assistance... We are on server 636 and have been trying to get out for over 4 hours... We have also met a few other people also stuck and unable to get out of this server. We need help!
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