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  1. Yeah started logging out naked now but th should be safe in your own base
  2. Ok well was offline in my base and died to wild creature o.0
  3. And tbh no idea what orp is
  4. Died safely locked up in my base Ok so I cry posed all my babies made sure I was fully fed then logged out when I logged in I'm dead killed by a their and all my babies and gear is gone is there something I can do about this I'm on a pve server so I don't lose everything now I don't have much motivation to move forward in ark if I lose everything while I'm safely logged out in my own base
  5. Is pose I just guessed the over population I didn’t try different servers trying to find a home guess that’s why I’m not asking here if there isn’t somewhere not over populated
  6. Hmm wonder if I can get all my money back from buying the game since it seems they don’t want new players
  7. Except all of those servers are overcrowded on pve and you can’t do anything on pvp because established players just take everything
  8. Is there any choice but single player for new players I’ve been trying to find somewhere to play I’m new all the pvp servers are so over crowded you can’t walk along the coast try the pvp servers and just get yanked constantly by high lvl players on griffins and Wyvern so can’t get anything going so where are new players ment to go
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