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  1. I just can not understand how the updates get worse and worse... still no servers showing up, and still update that was only supposed to take 15 min......
  2. So are we actualy going to get an update or just stare at a screen where no sessions are found for 3 hrs again? Good thing iI cryoed the babies before the servers came down.. Never played a game where so many updates are done during the most busy ark times...... like for real?
  3. So some of the servers are back up........... however My character is stuck on Center and several stuck on Island...... Are those servers ever going to come back up? Hello? We are at war and need to be able to get our characters!! Funny how that works we cant defend our bases from griefers, because half our servers are missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I did download the patch along with the half of my tribe.. and we can NOT log in!!! But those who DIDNT have the update are IN the game!!!
  5. Half of our player have no options to log into their servers....... the other half that didnt get the update are in the game. I am confused as to how everyone didnt get this update at all.... I do not play on Asian servers, so why is this even happening? I am confused how this could have been a mess up?
  6. What does this have to do with the current situation where half our players got the update..... and the ones who did it cant play the game after you said their was a major update? PVP CA9 Official?
  7. NA CrossArk9 has been down since the update yesterday. Half of our tribe is stuck on a map we cant log into. It does not show in the server lists, and we are in the middle of a war right now. Would be nice if part of our cluster wasn't trapped on a map. Please fix this asap so we can finish this war! Seems pretty ridiculous that noone has done anything about this yet? I have tweeted Jen, 3 times with no response, sent in tickets, and our other players have seen no response from their reports either.
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