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  1. Yeah thats true i didnt really think about the pve situations, they could always add some sort of radius system on pve so you cant bring unconscious dinos within say 60m of someones base so you didnt have people dropping unconscious dinos into someone else's base, but on official it would be fun dropping a pack of raptors into someome's base
  2. I've never agreed more on an idea, i play on PS4 and the struggle of transfering items is a real pain and i definitely agree on how annoying swishing tails are on dinos. I really hope wildcard reads and considers your idea. But one more thing they need to fix the brightness on the snow, at this point im suffering from some sort of blindness from staring at it.
  3. Dragging Unconscious Dinos I think it would be good if you could drag the unconscious body of dino (That you have knocked out, as it would be annoying if other people could drag away the dino you have put the resources into to knock out) Obviously your character would only be able to drag small(ish) dinos and at maybe the largest you would be able to drag a parasaur or argy. Continuing with this idea it would also be great if your tame could drag the bodies, for example if you had a rex maybe it would be able to drag a trike or stego, or if you had an argy perhaps it would be able to lift the unconscious body of an anky. Maybe moving the unconscious dinos with a rex or other large carnivore could decrease the taming effect?
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