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  1. Sadly can't claim to have played ark today.. I did play another Dino game jp.. but I kept wanting to use ark controls and it got on my nerves. 

    Tomorrow is planned.. I'm revisiting all maps and doing a boss run on each boss on the maps wondering how long it will take me. 

    At some point I have to log into a game I hate to spend time with my niece doing some virtual babysitting whilst breaking a few blocks. Quarantine certainly changes things. ?

  2. On 6/9/2020 at 11:01 AM, HoganRyan01 said:

    Set up a singleplayer how you like it then go for an "Ultimate ARK" type play-through. I started a playthrough before Syntac even started that series but I've been having a blast. You play through the maps without transferring between them until you finish the bosses of that map and move on. The Island -> Scorched Earth -> Aberration -> Extinction -> Gen1 -> Gen2 -> The Center/Ragnarok/Valguero/Crystal Isles + Transfers open up between all maps.

    Done it all before. Even did a no flyer play through. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Prophet1993 said:

    Maybe try a different tactic? Stop throwing armies of the Dino's at it and attempt it a different way? I've never had an issue with this boss. I adapt my play style. Simple.

  4. I used to comment and post a lot here but took a long break when I came back the thread became YouTube advertising so it didn't interest me anymore but that's just how I feel. 

    I've love reading about peoples days on the arks while I work up the excitement to play again. 

    Does anyone else lack inspiration at times. I've restarted & completed each map over and over for nearly 4 years.

    I dislike gen and extinction maps so won't be playing on those again. 

  5. 19 minutes ago, wizard03 said:

    I think I took like 6 or 7, got tired of breeding the sloths. And I typically heal "during" the fun, my theory is that hopefully everyone makes it out, or if Iv underestimated and trying to makes sure that we make it out of the arena alive. Sides, its no big deal to roll in on the backside of everyone, use all the reserves the pig has, take a step back and devour whats in the inventory for another roll up. Now with that said, mom was on one of the yutys doing the roaring. So the plan is still implemented the same as a megatherium setup, just with a little variety. 

    The yuty's wasn't as high as I was hoping, wanted them over 8k health, I think. The one I gave to mom however was nearly 20k.....literally spent every single point in health and nothing else.

    It's good your having fun with it. I know breeding can be tiring but I can say it's quicker in single player once you have your settings right and a good starting pair. I'm sure you know what your doing though. 

    I remember my first effort of breeding way back when I was new it took me ages to get to grips with breeding for specific stats and mutating them correctly.

    Working out simple stuff like breeding stat results together rather than keep trying for a specific colour. I think I was a bit too obsessed with the colour mutations lol

    My boss megatheriums all have very high health but all my Dino's are super bred lines. I've been breeding them for 4 years. I use the megs because they get a buff against the spiders. 

  6. On 5/12/2020 at 10:59 PM, wizard03 said:

    first run at the alpha brood mother, we won with only two yuty's lost. 

    How many yuty did you take?

    I take 19 megatheriums one yuty with a rider for the courage roar.

    My pig stays outside the battle arena for the later healing as pretty useless in the arena.

    I have pigs inventory loaded with cooked mutton and two full troughs nearby and full if required. Once everyone is back from the fight I just put the pig in the middle of the teleporter and heal everyone. 

    Once the pig stops healing to refill food if you leave render quickly both of you on a bird the pig will restore it's food quicker. Saves waiting around a lot for the healing jobs.

    The yuty stays behind all the megs in the fight so it can cover all with its roar.

    What were the levels of the ones who were killed? 

    And congrats also to you and your mum, my above was genuinely curiosity and a little set up advice.

  7. Completed Tek cave 2 of us with 10 rexes and a yuti between us! Forgot to put our gear on Dino's at the end but we won so yay..

    1 loss as I brought out a basic old breeding rex who I didn't level anything into but he made it halfway through overseer fight. 

    Island redone... Ab redone.. scorched redone.. starting a new toon on the center next still working on completing the whole game from scratch. Each map has its own toons we are just transfering to complete bosses. 

    All in all a good couple of days on ark. 

    Seriously bored staying in the house now. Can't game for more than a couple of hours I get bored too fast.


  8. Just now, Yoshi4280 said:

    Thank you for the response! I will keep that in mind since this is the first forum I have joined! I'm just trying every route to even hear if they are working on it or see what we can do to get around it. We tried that command just now and it turned everything pretty much like negative film. My boyfreind also tried admin command r.shadowquality 0 and that didnt help either. I've posted on the bug and glitch forums and sent wildcard a message but no hope :/ it's really a huge bummer since we have invested so much game time. 

    You need to keep scrolling through till you get it right

  9. 22 minutes ago, Yoshi4280 said:

    Can't play due to the shadows on splitscreen :( sucks so bad, first time playing with my boyfreind and got our first spinosaurus and bam, genesis. This quarantine sucks, lol. 

    Looked at your profile  for platform it helps if you state if for future reference in threads. cheat prevviewmode and cycle through, This should help you turn off the shadow overlay. Spell it with both vv's as shown. 

  10. 4 hours ago, KurikDhark said:

    I lost 2 Brontos and 3 Argys..... So I decided to get on here and ask for help. My tribe mates has been really awesome helping me learn the game, but after I lost all those dinosaurs, I feel like I'm a burden to them. Is there anyone who might be able to jump on our Xbox pvp server and either help me out getting a few things that would help them (I'm trying to make up for dino loss) or maybe even bring me a few things (crystal, sillaca Pearl's, black pearls) so I can build things for them? I'm not sure how I would be able to thank anyone who helps, but maybe there's something I can help with, or do. Thanks in advance everyone.

    Can't help as I don't play on servers.. take it as a learning curve.  Start taming small learn as you go. What map are you on maybe I can advise a Dino tame to get your required resources.

  11. Well life has taken a very odd turn being in quarantine...

    I was still bored with ark but discovered tik tok.. 

    I've so far kicked my hubby in the shin six times attempting a foot tap challenge..

    I'm not sure why this helped relieve some ark boredom but it did.. ? 

    His shins hurt but did every island cave today..?

    I need to get out of the house!

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  12. 11 minutes ago, Noob45 said:

    Apparently someone thinks this is a good idea because this seems like a every 3 day thing since I started playing in December.

    It's never going to be a perfect time as its always a peak time somewhere. It does get annoying with the constant patches every week though. Hope they are back up for you all soon.

  13. I'm bored.. in ark I mean.. I turned on game faffed about a bit.

    Filled feeding troughs turned on the forge, cooked food, tidied away breeders I left out.. lined up all other Dino's in their areas.

    Walked around aimlessly for about thirty minutes opening and closing vaults. 

    Logged off again. 

    I have two thylas to restart my breeding program I just don't have the inclination for it. 

    Sits patiently waiting for inspiration to strike. ?

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  14. I've taken a lot of time off ark so need a ask a question about levels.. is there a maximum level cap or can I go wild and breed level 400 + thylas.

    I'm not there yet I have a twin pair of 120 tamed and I'm wondering about my Xbox settings to ensure I'm not creating an awful breeding timer and incurring impossible imprints. 

    I'm working on my thylas after I lost 3 years work deleting the wrong map save.

    Sorry to ask those on Xbox I would ask hubby but he's busy with another targeted swarm! ?

    Can't post current settings as hubby still playing with fly swarm! We might be a while!

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  15. 7 hours ago, Aushegun said:

    PS4 - UNofficial Cluster


    Well Genesis is as I had feared, a big disappointment, and so buggy and laggy that I don't even enjoy playing on it, and can't do most of the missions as the lag is too bad. Especially in the Ocean biome which is just terrible.  Plus the invisible attackers on the Lunar biome have ruined that biome, so no one goes to it, plus the Bog biome is just  dark, boring and annoying, so no one goes there either.  Basically Artic and Volcano are the only playable biomes on our cluster.


    My cluster only allows one base per tribe on Genesis, so bases aren't the reason for the lag. So  I just log in, refresh timers and log off again.


    They are running Easter event (with egg laying turned WAAAAY down) on the Abberration server, so I've started trying for event Reaper babies. No luck thus far, and with the Reaper tail Swipe being disabled, it makes it harder to kite Queens into my trap. 


    Besides that, after 1700 hours of ARK last year, I've really been in a rut this spring. Genesis has Not re-ignited my ARK passion, so basically just logging into to each base/map once a week and refreshing timers. I have even been cryopoding most of my dinos so reduce chance of them decaying.


    WIth Battlefield V and BF 1 such boring games, I'vce been back playing a ton of Battlefield 4, but it is getting harder to find a good server,  as the game is now 7 years old.

    Fortnite, COD and those type of games don't interest me, as I've noticed since I'm nearly 50, my reflexes are just a touch slower over the last year, and I just cannot compete anymore with teenagers on the "whoever fires fastest, wins" games.  At least BF4 allows players who are a tad slower to do other things to help the team win. In fact, last weekend I finished First overall, and only had 5 kills and 6 deaths. BUt I got all my points by playing the objectives and helping out teammates.


    Oh well.  Hope all you long time regulars here on this thread are doing well.


    I'm itching to play GTA again.. dunno why but just need a different vibe. So I understand that much..  

    Sometimes it's just good to take a break. 

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  16. Came to the realisation today that upon restarting all our maps I deleted my rag save that had all my muts on. All my blue and cyan thylas have been lost. 

    Ahh well on the bright side I get to do all that again.. 

    Completed all island bosses Sunday to move onto the Tek cave found myself in a very unfortunate situation due to split screen issue for the volcano on the island.

    I kept being snapped to player one then being pulled into the lava then back to player one then lava and so on. I was cooked to death! Or meshed not sure it happened so fast. Somehow I don't think I can ascend split screen now.

    Nearly caused a heart attack. Good job I wasn't carrying anything did loose my argy but he wasn't named or important he was a spare..


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  17. On 3/10/2020 at 3:31 PM, Anarki said:


    Slightly off topic though - anyone know what the best setup for Alpha Dragon on Island is these days, its been so long (18 months) and fancy ascending with another character... stats and numbers of dinos would be appreciated thanks :)


    I'm sure my Xbox settings may have some affect on my set up and the ease of the boss fights. I'm not online to check them at the moment.

    My set up currently is -  edited to add all are mutated at least 4 X for melee already.

    A level 229 yuti for courage roar mine has 90k health all other stats were put into melee. With an ascendant 174 saddle. 1 X mutation.

    15 × (189) theris all have 28k health, birth health was 8.5k. All the other levels were put into melee. With an ascendant 90 saddle.

    None of my theris took any damage two days ago with this set up yuti took the brunt of 21k damage because my hubby somehow became the target.

    Also I do have 19 for the boss fight but I forgot to bring the last 4 so did the fight anyway.

    All theris carried veg cakes none were eaten. Daedon outside ob for healing if required. 

    I'm sure there are better set ups but I restarted the game fresh in Dec and don't get a lot of time to play so that's my current set up.

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