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  1. Why are you mentioning brachi have I missed something new?
  2. No kodking mean the ark that lit up at end of extinction was the aberration ark.
  3. I am glad there is to be another Dino. Can't wait to see how I mess up grabbing my first egg. ?
  4. It's not been said in the dossier and not one person who is posting has any more information than you. So unknown yet is the answer. The post is all speculation!
  5. I spent the morning breeding Yuti's for egg laying females hatched 20 eggs got 5 females. Brings my female count to 9. Then I bred otters and got 0 mutations so going to try again need to get more fish first. But I got another female to breed so that's fine. Flew around looking for brontos to get lots of meat found a 145 female rex so obviously had to tame it. Got rex and all the meat home for my next breeding for the rexes. I have yet to start work on my first zoo enclosure which will be my thylas. Although I have finished the layout for it finally. Completed my cliffside
  6. So today I played for a bit just to explore everything on rag I always have missions in mind but today was just a chill day. I died to a bat in the castle because I dismounted for no reason other than hitting wrong button. I'm making a headstone to place near or on castle to tell my tale of idiocy. Then I died falling somehow I dismounted the wrong way from Griffin I am going to blame myself for that death. Won't make gravestone as it doesn't count. I died in pirate cove to the stupid things that knock you out I can never recall name of them. My thyla died too. Not s
  7. Wow try full stops, commas, even paragraphs. That hurts to read.
  8. That velo looks fantastic. ? All of them are brilliant great artists.
  9. When it happened with my boss rexes I went back and restarted as your only on mut 2/20 I could see this being a better option. Never bred spinos for some reason. Always breed boss rexes, theris and cave runners. I should start it just for variety. Had a bad evening on ark myself. My 249 otter slink mysteriously disappeared during a game crash. Wasn't with me at reload point rex was, spent an hour looking and whistling, he is carrying my spare set of artifacts as I'm on my way to obi for a boss fight. I was going to leave my otter at my second base to redo the fight again at a later date..
  10. Oh dear, I have killed a taming animal before when I wasn't even close hit boxes are awful sometimes. ?
  11. I'm having this issue and haven't been able to play since release with a dashboard every 10-30 mins undoing all progress ?
  12. Great idea I love the prim + items I get really engrossed in everything would love it if we could also have a few items we could place down for display like plates cups etc.
  13. Today I decided to try building with cliff platforms. Made a house platform, a barn, a workshop, currently building the aviary. Trying to come up with some great ideas for further platforms all are about to get to each other winding down the cliffs with stairs. Love playing with the building stuff. Just wish we had more decorative stuff. I live south of wyvern bay looking out to sea and the desert.
  14. Adjusted respawn of resources on Xbox. Set the timer to respawn faster 2 days since last saw metal at certain spot. Now I made it worse it spawns as soon as it's mined. 8 argies plus a full anky later it looks like I was never there. Have to wait for husband to fix it to correct settings last time I adjusted something it took days to raise a baby rex. I should stop doing that. Culled approximately 20 rexes from previous breeding line and about 15 argies. Preparing for ragnarok boss. Hopefully will get last of the spino sails today.
  15. I hope so I didn't like abberation or extinction maps that much. I know that sounds ungreatful but my type of map is much more open world and scenic views. I have played so for over 4700 hrs but need some new challenges.
  16. I love the magazine design. ?
  17. Ate my fully mutated argent egg...s. yep all 4 of them in quick succession one after the other because I wasn't paying attention as mother in law asked me a question. FML...
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