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  1. That giga incident made me laugh reminds me of 3 years ago my other halfs first giga attempt ended in disaster too. He lost 4 tames just trying to recover his stuff. Then as he was running away led it back to his base. Had me laughing for ages. I did help him restart elsewhere.
  2. @Kodking194 I get that you like PvP etc but why are you always yelling at team mates? Every other post you say you lost it. Chill out! On a side note it read like a success so congrats. Hope your server recovers soon.
  3. Oh I so need to check that out. Thanks for answer. ?
  4. Did you mean boulders? Or cannon balls? as you do with a rock golem? Only asking to clarify so I can be sure.
  5. I've lost tames to falling through map before and I've fallen through it myself a few times on extinction. It's gut wrenching knowing all that work has gone. It does sound rather a pain in the backside to tame I know already I would not be successful in that tame.
  6. Oh dear, I just realised I've never tamed a crab, so no idea how long it took or the effort required but I feel for you. Hope you feel a bit better soon.
  7. I know I would, I would play for hours.. I have watched a few people build with it on YouTube. I'm gutted we don't have that but I think you would be surprised how much detail I manage with just basic bps. I bought my hubby a journal with dragons/wyverns looked like fire and ice last year for his stat keeping. I found it yesterday cleaning the games room. It's empty haha. I have been buying him these type of books for years he hasn't ever filled anything in just one for all his passwords and important reminders. That's 15 empty dragon style journals on a shelf. I could start a shop.. I never got to play on ark today my husband spent longer at work and it's his last day tomorrow new job Monday so he's had a lot on handing over to new person. When I got in I was seeing double with a migraine so slept for 6 hours and it still didn't shift. I went for a nap not a marathon! If I do ever get onto ark this week I will hopefully play on a clean map so I can go nuts with building again. Keep us updated with your build as it goes. Love seeing what you and others get up to. ?
  8. Don't let your friend go I can see it all going wrong, he might be trying to help but I'd imagine your other friends Dino's may end up dead too. Haha Thanks for the answer about dedicated if it can adjust as much as sp for Xbox I'm fine with it. He asked me to find our head sets to talk later in game when home from work. Umm will be sat on the same sofa in the same room why the f do we need a head set on? Should I point out the stillness of the question? I think he maybe tired. Haha
  9. I didn't get to play. My husband did something really nice I think it's because I have a cold. He set up our games room with a new TV & Xbox for me so I can play ark etc with him without tethering. He's not sure how to set up something for just us two does it cost anything to have a dedicated server? What is a dedicated server & non dedicated? So when we get home later we are going to try sorting something and hopefully play ark.
  10. Not too close we never have them fly to us. I did have to stop a rex spawn which was close and we did have megalania on the beach until I blocked that spawn too. I keep all my Dino's in barns on passive and have a bunch of high hp and melee thylas on neutral outside to deal with anything that wanders too close, they deal with rexes in a heart beat. Not much does wander too close these days due to the walls. I love that island but on my play through its close to a rex spawn so I left it to farm them for alphas of which there have been 3 so far at that spot. If I played on a server I can imagine I would have wyverns kited to me regularly. That would make me reconsider my home location.
  11. @Cymas you are right they are expensive to build I'm lucky because I can mess about with harvest yield in settings as its just two of us. Your base is very inspiring I haven't had any Dino's destroy my trees nearby I'm quite lucky but I have walled us in and sprawled out a little to block nearby dino spawns. I'm the builder my hubby builds square and pointy like a house in RL. I try to explore new shapes love the s+ additions would love a few more bits or alternatives. Different styles of feeding trough, meat/berry, haybales for barns that sort of stuff. Oh and pretty argy you have there.. ?
  12. On my game I'm halfway up that island approx 78/42 between the megalania bit and the wyverns, I build up on the Cresent beach and cliffs behind. I'm on the side of the island facing away from jerboa island. Basilo bay I call it, there seem to be tonnes in my play through. The only reason I chose this place is just a hop over the water there is a huge metal deposit cave 80/60 ISH. Also to farm wyvern eggs for kibble occasionally. Just north of wyvern bay before you get to green ob there were lots of high level rexes so I got all my clean ones there. First time ever I got some nice coloured ones. We did spawn on the northern larger island near jerboas once on one play through but built a raft and sailed away to better lands. It was raptor central. What made you choose megalania island? Is it the one with the broken bridge? Or further south? I'm trying to picture it from your image but can't fathom it.
  13. We just play on sp Xbox. I like to keep the environment natural he likes everything flat and bare. Can't wait to see your progress I'm currently building cliffside because I never have before. But itching to do a tree top city. Where have you chosen island?
  14. That lighting is stunning. I see you left uncut trees.. I have one near our base my husband keeps threatening to chop but he hasn't and it makes it look nice having trees. Build is looking good ?
  15. I have read that many post on here I actually managed to be confused for a few mins over this reply. Reason I too am getting old nearly 40 and I forgot what the topic of conversation was. ?
  16. So sorry the picture resembles something from an old potato of a phone. I took a screenshot with Xbox but somehow can't locate it. So took one with my huwaii p20 and it looks terrible. Started moving into my cliffside build spent hours relocating resources into them. Haven't moved any tames yet. 3 week of hard work and it's not all done yet. Feels nice having almost completed a huge project. Big question is there a construction limit? Stuck on what else I can do I'm thinking of a tree top city.
  17. I swear I read this twice trying to figure out if I had slipped into a different thread. ? 100% agree with salty monkey there. Back on topic I love the fan made dossiers I keep seeing them on Reddit. That wyvern though! I'm considering an unusual gift for hubby and would love to actually have a print of of that wyvern. Stunning work.
  18. It's all on youtube to catch up with.
  19. Even watching to troll them makes them think they are valid though so giving them air time and an audience makes them believe people like them. if I don't like it I just don't watch it. Good luck with the map I saw you mention it a while ago not sure if on here or Reddit.
  20. I was watching the E3 conferences for last 2 days might stick it out and watch tomorrow too. If something new did come up personally I would just like to stay connected to my game when playing on extinction. I dashboard every 10 mins. The one map I can't play.
  21. I saw syns vid but it was just speculation of what could be coming and the pizza comment had me chuckling. His vid didn't bother me in the slightest. Too many people feed into the other two you mentioned, then take everything as gospel and then spew it out all over the internet. ?
  22. Sponsoring isn't a guarantee to add to game though so I do get the hype I just tend to plod along and wait rather than watch clickbait YouTube vids by other creators. Not referring to syntac with this statement. I learned a lot from tagbacktv, syntac and many others. Watched every vid from every season from both of those unless it was ott on mods.
  23. I tend to loose interest in the modded play throughs as on Xbox we don't have mods so it always seems irrelevant information. So that's why I didn't know about it. Although I do watch syntac and most of the crew there are a few who just go ott on mods which I have previously watched for a while, it ruins the feel of the game for me.
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