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  1. Why would they even bother? A new player had much less why let them join to ruin chances of progression.. Instant farming? GAH people are why I don't like people. I know what I meant, it just sounds wrong.
  2. I feel your pain I always seem to get the better rexes on the mountain known as far peak on the way down the mountain leading to smugglers pass. South side of far peak is where I always find gigas. Just to save you finding the names I attached an image in case you didn't know where I meant. https://images.app.goo.gl/EYUntWGeA6KQqGr89 What do you mean by high hide? Confused a little maybe missed some comments.
  3. Joined @SaltyMonkey server last night got myself a basic raft together to set sail got a 150 and 130 mated pair of bulb dogs. I don't even like them. Hubbys choice. A jerboa who I accidently threw in a fire.. don't want to talk about it. ? A 145 and a level 50 ptera to help me in my gathering until I have enough resources to get my argies. Flew around the map checking out spawns and rested right next to a rock elemental who I swear wasn't even there. He came out of the ground. Scared the day lights out of me. I always feel jumpy in game when my husband isn't online with me
  4. Time to load up the Xbox and jump on a server for the first time. Wish me luck finding my ideal base location.
  5. Total side note.. I just got promoted. My hard work paid off. I'm going to sleep now.. back in a couple of days.
  6. AHH normally I would agree but my oh bought this laptop and basically doesn't understand them.should never be allowed near them. My brother is the techy guy my other half is the shiney new kinda guy. Normally my brother intervienes with Tec stuff but he was away so my new laptop is more dinosaur than ark.. my old laptop can be repaired less Dino.
  7. No I understand not wanting to spend again was wondering what put you off sorry if it seemed monetary it really wasn't it was the upgrade to Windows 10 not the game as to why I asked. My last laptop glitches over any update since the upgrade, graphics card burnt out over nothing. My current one is a bitch to try to maintain I preferred version 7/8 to this windows hiccup every week. Auto update no control and half the roll backs are due to half installed glitches updates. I spend more time updating than using it.
  8. I agree a break is in order I will spend some time these next 2 weeks just relaxing at home. The game won't go anywhere. Definitely will join a server soon though. And you said something @Cymas about windows 7 how come you didn't upgrade to win 10 or was that not an option for you? I am not even sure where that came up but I've been thinking about it
  9. I never normally get frustrated I'm just having a bad few weeks. Since anniversary of my mum's passing. I've been super annoyed in game. Hate that that seems to be a thing for me. Fyi from June 11 death to july 7 cremation = permanent bad mood. I did name them but I think because they were next to each other or I'm blind or stupid I made a mistake. I checked them, I do separate my keepers and cull the rest I sincerely made a daft mistake but I know all my current stock of eggs is wrong so more kibble. Just have to breed last line again for the melee still have the parents in cr
  10. A break maybe a good thing I'm snowed under with work. Have tonsillitis and just got over my summer cold. I've been trying to cram in everything this past 2 weeks and keep making a mess in game. I noticed this morning I have been breeding rexes for a week on and off collected about 30 eggs. Having cryoed the mut for health I've been breeding the wrong stats, how the f didn't I see that I've been breeding stam mut? I am pretty sure I remembered it being a melee mut which was why I kept it. Think I killed the melee. FML I'm going stupid..
  11. Probably because it's a block of text, very hard to read. I am really not trying to be rude.. it's just very hard to read.. Separate with paragraphs makes it easier for people to follow. Also full stops at end of sentences makes it much easier to know you moved onto next statement. And spell check. Just my opinion. I saw you quoted me in an earlier comment but I have a headache it was too much to read. I still do try to read it but it's very difficult. We all enjoy reading but sometimes a block of text bad spelling and grammar makes it difficult to follow.
  12. I'm yet to jump on I am just trying to figure out what I need to challenge me. I have to fly it's a must I just can't live without my argies haha
  13. I have a character on each map just need a fresh start it seems I have already built in my preferred base locations on every map. ? Hence the clean map requirement.
  14. I'm so not feeling up to playing at the moment. Don't really know why, just no enthusiasm and the grind is wearing me down. I'm at the tek stage have everything I need, I just got fed up. I'm sick of seeing my base lol, sick of hearing the Dino's cluttering my base, sick of the same thing everyday. Considering a fresh wipe and different map. Will be doing a tree base on next play through but need some inspiration for a play style not pve/pvp. I mean something different example: no tames or only to tame at saddle unlock not straight away. Also thinking of turning down
  15. Love the gun game you described. Great idea.
  16. I attempted to load up today for my first server experience and got called into work. Dammit! Just got home been up since 4 am it's now 9.30pm. I'm not to sure if I should attempt to play or just sleep. Conclusion - Need a clone!
  17. I learnt how to pronounce managarmr after months of calling it managamar. ? I loaded the game looked at everything then logged off I'm not feeling it today..
  18. @Cymas I 100% see where your coming from, I was trying to understand if what I mentioned was their pov. It's a shame they don't just trial your suggestion. I am confused about the timer issue you mentioned for breeding same females to same males. This sounds odd I wonder where that started.. maybe your admin needs to actually listen more to the players. I have always done this while breeding, my sp timers are about 30 mins. Never seemed any different. That's enough for me when I have argents, rexes, thylas, etc. All breeding at once. I want to get set up on a server but I h
  19. Yes I do. I usually have a cat trying to sit on my lap when I play he also has a habit of leaning on buttons. So he might require some credit here. ? I haven't been on my game for about a week. Life's really hectic ATM with work still enjoying reading about everyone's eventful days. @Cymas I hear what your saying in regards to only having a few birds. Dino's etc and wanting to breed but being restricted by server admin. I'm not sure how many play on your server but maybe if everyone had no restrictions or strict settings, it could be laggy due to multiple people over bree
  20. Umm I didnt know how to take vids on Xbox but I have done it successfully 8 times this past 3 months.. and multiple screenshots. Not really sure how I manage it. ?
  21. Still makes me laugh of all the places to put the trap... Haha
  22. That giga incident made me laugh reminds me of 3 years ago my other halfs first giga attempt ended in disaster too. He lost 4 tames just trying to recover his stuff. Then as he was running away led it back to his base. Had me laughing for ages. I did help him restart elsewhere.
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