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  1. Started replaying the game a week ago after a bit of a rest.. turned out I forgot a lot of stuff. How much it rains on the island for instance. Like what Dino is good for what, reduced weight of resources, better for collecting resources, what they require for taming eg, how many tranq darts, how much kibble based on level. Where half of them spawn. Made exceptional kibble for theri taming, then accidentally left that kibble at home. Found that out when I got to a theri south of red obi on the island. Figured I'd tranq and let it starve and wake up while I went back for kibble. Then
  2. Not played for ages. Loaded the game last night first time in weeks. Sat in the base for 35 minutes trying to figure out what to do. Closed game. I may return when something interesting happens but as it stands I have done everything in game so much I'm just bored with it. Started over again on another game NMS on Xbox and for now that's what I will be playing alongside MHW. Might pop back occasionally to read this thread as it keeps me entertained. Hope everyone has a great day. See you all again sometime. ?
  3. Why no comment in regards to all the Xbox players that have lost all their characters and progress in valguero single player. Last update cleared everyone's saved games. So many comments on it in the Xbox forum. Just checked Twitter that information was posted 6 hours ago by CED. Would be more helpful to also post this on the forums not everyone follows Twitter.
  4. I understand it's hard to find a balance naturally so you are helping them.
  5. @Aushegun congrats on the banned thief finally you can breed without the drama.
  6. Personally I live in a city so don't have massive open space but it's big enough for us and small wildlife. When I do get time over the next few years our garden will be planted to be very wildlife friendly. Our garden can't be touched at the moment as we have a nesting family of hedgehogs mother and 4 young hoglets they in the way of clearing it out. So we don't want to disturb them. Had to rescue a baby hedgehog from pond 2 doors away a few weeks back. 6 populated bees nests. So garden is a hazard to our 3 nosy cats. Yes each one of them has experienced a bee incident in the
  7. I couldn't agree more. They always make me laugh.
  8. Trying to play ark sat resulted in countless deaths due to lack of concentration. I drowned twice not paying attention to oxygen. I fell to my death off my argy mid flight due to sausage fingers I caught the Y button. Plus so many more that are just stupid. Yesterday was ark free. I visited my brother in Garstang and rotavated half his garden while him and my hubby followed behind packing down soil putting down sand and laying paving for a patio. I cut down a small tree, replaced 4 fence panels and moved half his plants into new planters. All of this and entertaining a 6 year o
  9. Should have said I needed a male unicorn I had already got a female there day one of the map dropping. My hubby is trying to get me the t shirt for my birthday next week lol. ?
  10. Not played for a few days life gets too much. On plus side I have a plan for my next Val play through. Providing Xbox sp issues are fixed soon. Resources are not respawning in single player have adjusted settings still not coming back. Dino's not respawning so complete areas are cleared out. Have also played with those settings nothing changed after Dino wipe. Also hardly any Dino's in ABB zone not worth the effort of playing the map.. Plan is go back to sp island and start ascension all over again on completely new play through. Next time I visit Val hopefully problems w
  11. Tamed a bronto and I don't have a reason why.. but I did it.. 3 X rex tames 2 X allo tames, 2 Tek paras not sure why either. I think I went a little nuts.. 2 X jerboa.. And then I spent hours grinding for building mats and saddle mats. Went out looking for a unicorn. No unicorn.. am very sad. ?
  12. Flew to around 40/50 on Val to throw out ravager clear fish spawns to get an otter. Landed for stam on top of a cliff/hill.. got attacked by a pack of terror birds who threw themselves down the cliff.. bird on passive as I'm pounced by a pack of raptors bird took off and flew around a bit. Bird playing hard to get as I'm whistling aggressive and follow and trying to jump on board before I get killed or pounced again. I then got nudged down the cliff by my own bird drew my sword as I fell followed down by raptor pack.. greeted at bottom by terror birds. Who didn't look that happ
  13. This past 5 days I've not been on the cluster server we played on for a month. I had valguero weekend off for helping brother in law get started. Helping my husband out with the garden again. A job that never seems to end. Since then i have been hugely busy with work & had a massive problem with my email address being compromised. Closing accounts, changing to new email, all the verifications. Logged into Val so this morning to find husband had built a greenhouse so I can start making bug repellent for the taming of the bees. Can't find an otter for the life of me. Saw
  14. @Aushegun can't the server admin do anything about the thief?
  15. Xbox sp Val - I spent the afternoon moving us from behind green ob on Val to approx 50, 50 where other half wants us to have a base. Meh I wanted to live on a cliffside not on flat land, I like the building challenges. He has decided the two of us need a town ? so I helped out and spent 2-3 hours grinding out mats for building. Then an hour batch cooking narcotics because I'm sure he feeds them to every tame regardless of if they need them. Throws them about like sweets. Had a few strange incidents taming a 145 doed. It was trapped and was still up but not moving and it'
  16. "May have been" indicates this was entirely true. Glad I can turn that off in sp on Xbox. I think your running out of Oz names now. Unless you decide to revive the names. Paint everyone orange and green and name them after the... orange and green small people.. shoot I forgot what they are called. That or time to find new inspiration. I sometimes struggle for names.. it becomes very obvious because I start with the swear words. Or just plain numbering them.
  17. What colour was the giga? I just realised I have never worked on gigas. That's sad I have over 5000 hours in ark most with thylas, otters, rexes and yutis. I need to explore other Dino breeding.
  18. @Aushegun I can't answer your query as to right or wrong. I can only say what I would do. I don't want you to think I'm being rude I'm just sharing my thoughts. Personally I would have saved the eggs for them, would even build a pres bin in my base specifically theirs seeing them next online and letting them know, maybe they would say to keep it. Maybe not. But I'm guilt free. Either way it's a good deed and wouldn't result in Ill feelings if there was ever a chance to trade breeding with them. Or if it was ever discovered because you called it out in chat. Etc. I'm too honest for my
  19. I can imagine. These posts have really cheered me up this last weekend.
  20. Well I did say I wonder how Dorothy would depart this world. Now I know! ?
  21. I love reading the escapades of the OZ gang. ? Beginning to wonder what demise will befall Dorothy.. ?
  22. I spent time grinding for trap building stuff this morning.. gathered carrots from the farm near 50/50. Created an argy trap and a 2x2 drop trap for anky and doed. Got 2x 145 breeding pairs of anky and argy and a 135 doed. Tamed a parasaur to gather narco berries only because it was right there outside my base. A lystro because i love my little cheerleader. Flew around a lot of the map looking for my starter rexes and a nice pack of allo's. Found some great levels but didn't bring trap on scout mission. Found a cave I saw a reference to on a video a couple of days ag
  23. Saturday - Played on valguero for a bit hubby settled us in a cave behind the green ob. Quite small but it's a start, was very surprised to see the new Dino living so close to green ob we grabbed 4x145 eggs so close to base. I'm just having fun exploring the map so far. There really is a lot to see. Feel bad for those who are still having issues with the launch of win10 servers, glad I chose to play single player for my initial exploration. Don't think I will be playing the map on servers for a long while as I intend to complete the island and move on to each map ascending each
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