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  1. Missing unofficial server list Hi, I tried to log onto my server only to find that the unofficial server list is totally empty. I can’t screenshot it as my home button doesn’t work. I’ve tried to restart the game, as well as turning my phone off and on. I don’t want to risk my save games by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Is there anything anyone can do to help?
  2. I wish I could say I had regrets about the decisions I made, but I don’t. Those 47,000 years were full of magical adventure, hollow redwood trunk portals and the rise and fall of the Sparkling Ascendant Armoured Otter Cult and its various schisms. I do wish I’d done more research before I started however, perhaps then each experience wouldn’t have been marred by the soul wrenching search for a #%^*ing megatherium.
  3. Mobile Megatherium? I have spent 47,000 years searching for a megatherium on mobile, give or take a millennia or two. Gamepedia states it was released on mobile in July but does it actually exist there yet?
  4. This still hasn’t been resolved, con someone please tell me what I can do?
  5. Missing amber I paid £9.99 for 220 ancient amber this afternoon and it has not appeared. The purchase was successful and I have been invoiced and my bank account has registered it. Can something be done?
  6. Unicorn taming on god console Hi, Has anyone tamed a unicorn using god console? If so, how?
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