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  1. ark is not playable anymore today i was not even able to connect to the server after 1h of trying i finally got on and was like hell ye i did it but no i can even stand up from my bed waiting 5-10mins thinking it will load me and i will be able to stand up but no just got disconnected and this happened to me 5-6 times now im still trying at the moment as im typing this. my gf right next to gets kicked off the server every world save when she reconnected back on she got only option to make a new char so she needed to go back to the server we were playing before to get it back now scared to
  2. Armor Okey i just want a few opinions on best armor for each map and why. too see if im doing the right thing here. right now im using this --> Ghille for Scorched,Ragnarok,Extincion for Aberration im using Hazard suit but here is where it gets complicated on gamepedia for ark this is how they describe it Tek Armor is an end-game armor that offers the best physical protection and moderate protection from cold. When worn as a full suit, it will provide the best in-game protection from heat, cold and radiation, due to the set bonus. But on forums here i jusr read that it dose not protect y
  3. Rockwell boss anyone doing any rockwell fight i would like to join with my gf to get the engrams im playing on pc pve
  4. managarmr bug im playing on pve official and i still cant use managarm not that i cant ride it or anything but most of the times when i do for a ride with him when there is server save i just endup dead this bug is now in game for a long time and i love mana but sad i cant use it
  5. psychofreak


    Hi not new just want to wish you all a good day
  6. i play on offical and i tamed few of them never had any big problems with them
  7. I did it mom i just done my first alpha boss fight solo
  8. psychofreak


    Hi hello i am on this site quit some time now but i still dont have access to the trading forum. it is true that i dont make any topics more or less i just come here to look for the answers. So my question is when can i expect to get access to forum.
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