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  1. Come play Ark Like it was meant to be played and not waste your time being endlessly tormented on official with cheaters, exploits and the new meta cheese. Privately hosted cluster with an active and fun population!
  2. Hey Larkfield, I figured it out. I port forwarded a range and messed up by setting the ranged wrong. Lined them up...all fixed. It was one digit, this was seriously annoying pathetic.
  3. 3x (NA PVP & ORP) Rochester NY Cluster ---> ALL MAPS! Full Cluster! Server API installed: +Make Ark Great Again (See here: https://arkserverapi.com/index.php?resources/make-ark-great-again.112/ ) This API allows me to fine tune Offline Raid Protection to disable all the cheesing and encourage PVP while allowing people the peace of mind to not worry constantly if their base was wiped and tames meat run. Server Hardware: Dedicated server with 16 core intel Xeon (32 threads), 128gb of ram, running windows Server 2019 through a Broadcom Net e
  4. First of all, awesome. Thanks a lot for doing so much! 1 & 2.) The trace you did was to my IP, but the servers you're seeing are actually a cluster that is up and functional. That's why Battlemetrics reports I have a server at 7779. (He actually have a few UK players on it...well Scotland and UK). 3.) I took the server down to attempt to install windows 10 and see if its server 2019 thats giving me the problems. When I get it back up I will do as you say with the directory and see if it makes a difference for sure. Its very odd to me that the servers post to wildcard or whatever,
  5. I have run a 7 server cluster with near 100% uptime for the past 6 months. Hundreds of people connect to the cluster weekly. And I currently have it running on this machine perfectly. This is said just to give an idea of my level of knowledge. This isn't to say I could be missing the simplest of solutions and I would be extremely happy to hear you point that out to me, you can even say I am a moron for missing something so obvious and Ill happily defer to your superiority! Just please help... Recently I purchased a HPE DL360 Proliant rack and now have windows server 2019 running on it succ
  6. I am maintaining a 7-server ORP pvp cluster and I am trying to configure everything on my end to positively handle the connections to it. Cpu: i7-8700k (6 core) Ram: 64gb ddr4-2600 Storage: 1tb WDblack NVME Connection type: Cable, 200mbps down/12mbps up Average latency for players: 15-30ms Average player base: As high as 40 players (Latency spikes have occurred only during battles) I was originally doing this off of an onboard Intel Killer NIC but purchased a nice little i350-t2 server adapter with detailed adapter configuration capability and utilize its offloading capabilities
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