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  1. Windows 10 store version works with Xbox have done it if your using a steam version it doesn't have cross play
  2. The information probably not right I'm just saying it must likely start on island then work it way to other maps the information I got was from a YouTuber all I said last I I checked it was must likely be island when comment on this post I was haft way tired so I forgot to that information in or we can't wait and see on June 17th with wildcards on twitch
  3. Last time I checked it was going to be on the island first I think
  4. On top of what I replied I made a complete about PC to Xbox hosting already because two way you can only do is on steam with the ark host manger or by paying for the server to even show and the big kicker is steam don't have cross play so think that kind stupid as well but I still love ark and playing just need that kinda stuff fix
  5. I had use dmz hosting for mine to work some you have to do port forwarding if you don't have the dmz hosting then it should work I got told to host a public service pretty have to pay for it without paying could take days or weeks to show a 24hr server which I think is bs but that business for ya
  6. Best way to solve the host tethering is do dedicated server on a windows 10 PC with a different account on Microsoft doesn't need to be gold just a full copy of the game on the main account and the use the second account to login the game then send a invite to you main account on Xbox
  7. Don't know why but the admin command doesn't work tried the you type it and never got anything I can do it without gmsummon and the 200 but other then that invited code
  8. Have had to do the wild dino for island I'm not sure about the other command I have basic lvl lighting wyvern on the island right now
  9. Have hosted a few dedicated server for PC and had my friends join works fine sometimes it well have problems joining at first it's probably because the server NPC asnt finished load yet as far at goes for me but the other thing I could never find my server I'm hosting on ark Xbox 1 also I'm not renting any servers because it way to much for me and I made sure all my port forwarding was open when I started hosting and the cross play check asnt been there since I buy ark from windows store
  10. One question if cross is now default enable ways my server not showing up on my Xbox 1 I'm logged in on windows 10 with my second account on the Xbox app I can invite players aka my friend but I wanted to also host to have other people play as well but I can never find my server even searching it's name up have see other people server that are up but never mine I also have all ports forwarding open
  11. I'm using a dmz hosting on mine do I need the dmz hosting set for my Xbox 1 or PC my net is open and been trying to make server on my PC
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