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  1. GM Rose is a rude, unprofessional and incompetent GM who is not interested in solving players' problems (the conclusion is based on my personal experience of communicating and working with this GM). After the loss of my char, unfortunately, GM Rose answered me. During the whole time of communication, this GM answered very rarely, ignored certain questions (1.5 months have passed since I asked the first of them, but still have not received answers), and when it's time for an appointment (more than 1.5 months of waiting) ), GM simply did not appear. Actually, GM came to the meeting, but 2 hours later than the appointed time, about which, of course, no one warned me. It seems that this GM does not know that not all people live in the same time zone as the GM and therefore do not have the opportunity to spend sleepless nights in the game in endless anticipation of the possible appearance of a GM who did not come to the meeting. Without any explanation. Without any warnings. But with great indifference to the problems of players. P.S. My timezone have +10 hours to PDT time which is used when making appointments. P.P.S. This GM also didn't want to help my tribemate when he got into trouble on the Extinction map. The char was the tribeleader and now I do not have the ability to change some settings that are needed. I was waiting for this opportunity from May 5 to June 24. And now I have to wait another 2 months (feeling uncomfortable from not being able to change the settings) for a possible next meeting without knowing whether this GM will come to the next meeting or decide to come again regardless of the scheduled time. So draw conclusions about this GM and its attitude to players and their problems yourself. But I would advise if this GM answers you - close the ticket and open a new one until another GM answers you (if it's possible). I'm not waiting for your approval or condemnation, if you want - you can do it, it's not forbidden. I just decided to share with you my historical collaboration with this GM.
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