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  1. I hope they make solo official pvp servers
  2. I agree with this, I play solo and would love a solo server. its not very hard at all... They can just test it with a few servers and if it gets populated well for a while then they can add more servers. I'm tired of getting 6v1 all the time. As a solo player I can build up pretty fast but most tribes are well ahead of me already working 3-6x the with man power doing each different job. I love this game but tired of losing hundreds of hours in less than 5-20 mins. I also don't like playing on unofficial, not many people play it.
  3. From Vanilla Alpha tribe to solo veteran player getting wrecked by alpha tribes From once being a laid back Alpha tribe leader with 4 members, helping out noobies, defending the weak to let the server grow, and clashing with hackers or toxic tribes, now to being an old veteran player getting wrecked by alpha tribes picking on the weak. I recently came back to Ark Survival after a few years and quickly remembered how hard it is to grow as a solo player on an Official PvP Server, you NEED an organized tribe to even stand a chance. With previous experience of over 700 hours played I caught on quick and built my base up as fast as I could because I remember bigger tribes liked to pick on the weak. Trying my fastest to build up the strength of my walls to scare off any lower tribes attempting to attack me. Within my 2nd day of playing again my main building with all my resources was already secured with metal but I wasn't high enough level to make turrets to even defend myself from a more established tribe. Hours spent on my base/tames just to be destroyed in less than 5-10 minutes.... not from a smaller tribe but from the alpha tribe of the server. One thing I never understood, why alpha tribes liked to wipe small bases instead of dealing with tribes of the same level. That's why I defended them and gave them a chance to re-build under my protection. (Side note: one of the tribes under my protection became the strongest tribe in my server once I left ) I moved servers trying to find a decent place to settle but all the same, attempted PvE & private servers but it just wasn't the same playing on Official PvP. Now aside from my little rant, I'm looking for a smaller to mid sized tribe, NON-ALPHA, non-toxic tribe to play along side with. The thought of joining a powerful tribe with everything already ruins the experience of starting from the bottom and building your way up. If not I will just wait for a clean wipe or new server to come along and start again fresh with an even playing field to fight off those types of players. All in all, I enjoyed the short time I had coming back, this game was still fun like how I remembered none the less, I just didn't have my old buddies with me this time to wreak havoc on the bullies of the server .
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