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  1. Posts like this just make me genuinely sad. This is the state of video games now. People would rather pay for poop that's broken than keep their money and show studios we're not paying for this anymore. Because you'd have to make a sacrifice and stop playing the game.
  2. Earn stuff yourself. And also those "nice" people are usually only giving you that stuff because they have better and everyone gives dinos away when they don't get a mutation.
  3. My question is, why are you still playing and supporting this crap?
  4. Yeah, until they cling to a pebble and step off.
  5. That's easy enough. I don't play the game anymore.
  6. Why am I hurt over a system I was never a part of? I never played Legacy and I never would. Smart people don't go start a game on a doomed platform. I guess your definition of troll is someone who doesn't support your opinion or want to listen to you repeat yourself in every single post. That's fine. I don't care. As you've pointed out over and over again, you don't do things the same on Legacy (even hinted at cheating more than once). So you're effectively announcing that your opinion is invalid to 90% of the people who play the game.
  7. WC doesn't give a poop about these forums and its old. Legacy is unsupported. Period. Get over it.
  8. No, I don't know that because it isn't true. Yes the rates were half what they are now in early access, but the rates were changed and we now know them as 1x. Stop pretending they're something else. Regardless, your point is irrelevant, because I was talking about current rates. 2x is consistently used on the weekends and it works fine. 4x worked fine the few times they used it. Nobody likes the rates or they wouldn't boost them during events and we wouldn't have unofficial boosted servers. They need to stop wasting people's time for the sake of wasting people's time. Yeah. We get it. You play Legacy. You don't have to repeat it every 5/6 of your posts.
  9. I've heard of this happening occasionally, but can someone confirm it happens every time now? Also, that's totally normal on Aberration. Queen bees are classified as flyers so you won't get them back on Aberration and they have some tricky rules, but he did say Valguero. BTW, never bother with taming a Queen bee on official with rare flowers if you can avoid it. 1 simple kibble on a 2x weekend and its yours without having to chase it across the map. Take a big dino (spino, rock drake, rex). Hit the hive one hit at a time until it turns dark. Make sure you're wearing Ghillie and have bug spray enabled and your tame is on passive. When the hive is dark it means one more hit will destroy it. Destroy the hive, immediately jump off your tame and feed the queen. Easy peasy. Don't listen to people who tell you, "just use a bear." That would work on Ab, or Valguero, but most hives on Island, Rag, SE, and Extinction are too high up for a bear. Queen bees on Aberration: Beehives seem to spawn regardless of checking if the old hive despawned, so you can have multiple hives and multiple queens in one spot. This can result in a queen getting stuck and supplying endless amounts of honey, or sometimes you can demo multiple hives successfully and tame more than one Queen. I even had a situation once where I tamed a queen INSIDE the hive and she went to battle with the other queens. It's not uncommon to tame them and have them still fly off, but they have always eventually returned to me. If you turn them into a hive you can't transfer the hive. If you cryo them, you can transfer them, but won't be able to deploy them on Ab. (should not make them disappear from cryopod) You can then turn them into a hive on another server after deployment and should be able to demo said hive (I did with 4 of them) and get your queen back. If you set your hive on Aberration you won't get a queen bee back out of it when you demo it.
  10. And if you pick the wrong legacy server get wiped in January when they repurpose them for Genesis.
  11. If you can lure it into a trap, in a decent spot, probably sure. People get pregnant on foot with the shield method. People kill Queens with Spinos. You can carry extra hazmat suits, but that prim saddle isn't going to make it easier. The problem is getting in and out of the red zone and your Spino will be in bad shape. Queens inflict torpor that Rock Drakes seem to naturally just shake off, while other dinos might take a dirt nap. Plus you can pretty much bounce out of there on a drake, whereas you'll be leaving on foot with a Spino. Queens are no joke. They recommend 10k health, 1500 stam and as much melee as you can get, but Drakes don't give good melee. The highest I hatched was a couple of 358s I think, and honestly if you don't kill them quick enough that 10k is gonna be closer to 4k or less when you're done unless you've got an amazing saddle (which you don't.) But you can certainly solo Queens. I did it. Without a trap. But I used a Drake. You could trap it and teleport it to the green if you wanted to and you had the resources and tekgrams. Finding space to build on an official servers is always an issue. If you haven't done the surface yet and you want to go after Queens I personally think you're doing it backwards. Solo'ing Alpha Rockwell would be very hard. You're trying to get a Queen already and haven't even raised your first Rock Drake. If it was me, I'd raise that Rock Drake, farm the trenches for some that have good stats, and farm the surface for bps. Your first Drake will probably die anyways unless you just use it around the green and blue zones. It sounds like you're going to burn through Aberration as quick as possible and get bored with it.
  12. But that just sounds like PVP with extra steps..... Here's where I have to respectfully disagree with you. You'd have a pretty hard time beating some of these bosses and doing ORP's without breeding in this game. "This game is meant for Tribes." Is it? The vast majority of PVE servers I played in had solo players or 3 person tribes at the most. There were exceptions but they were few and far between. But people wanted to solo the bosses to farm them, & they had to invite other players along that weren't i their tribe.
  13. I can't tell you how many times people would transfer to the map thinking they could just go to an obelisk or they brought dinosaurs that were not allowed on Ab, and there are 4-6 drops that spawn by that cave, but nobody ever listened when I told them where to go when they were complaining they were stuck on the map. Same with people on this forum who think its SO hard to transfer off Aberration.
  14. You're fooling yourself if you think that's what most people on PVE want. You're in the minority. The vast majority of established PVE players just sit there and raise dinos all day and trade. There's very few players actually risking anything.
  15. Edge 4 puts you not far from the NE surface cave, which is the safe end of the river. Aside from a few raptors and some rare spawns that seem to come out of the blue area (ravagers, arthropleura), it's one of the safest areas on the map. I had a base there right next to the waterfall. Karks, Spinos, and Piranhas don't spawn that far down the river. Just those dangerous otters.
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