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  1. Emrys23

    mobile Ancient Amber

    All I have for you is that you can watch a 30 second-1 minute long ad every 15 minutes on ARK Mobile... You get 2 free Amber for every ad. I would not reccommend buying the Crowbar, as it costs real money (not Amber) and, at 2 Amber every 15 minutes, supposing you have an Internet connection set up at all times, would give you about 24 Amber in 3 hours, which is enough to revive most creatures (I assume you play longer than 3 hours a day though, so don't worry about a shortage). Besides that, I'd be willing to bet that Amber will be available as special loot in the Dungeons, maybe 10-20 for each Boss, if not 1-5 for each Eerie Creature (I'll bet those are high level too, maybe even in the 50's on an Easy server, so that they'll give you tons of XP even if they don't drop Amber). Long story short, I'm definitely looking forward to the Dungeons and the Eeries, especially Troodons (and the Bosses, many of which haven't been seen in ARK before), and even though I might not be able to tame one, it would be flipping awesome if I could (my suggestion: don't take the trouble to revive and tame a Troodon unless you're in PvP or PvX, they can't have much of a use in Singleplayer or PvE). That's all I have on that subject.
  2. I like the suggestion. I recently had to kill several of my tames because I had reached the limit (40 tames on Single Player Mobile) and my now-useless trikes, turtles, parasaurs, dilos, and even my new bary had to go. I had made the mistake of giving them loving, affectionate names and it took me a week to get over it. I would feel a lot better if I had just been able to drop them off in the wild and leave them to go back to life as it was before I had tamed them. Now I just tame for the experience of it. (Not the xp, like the actual experience) I only name and keep the valuable dinos I intend never to kill. I literally tamed an argy last week for breeding and realized how ridiculously low level it was (it's a 10 now, I wouldn't dare breeding it with my 40 Artemis). So I still haven't named him. I'll probably just kill him unless I can't find a higher level argy. Boom. That's my story.
  3. I don't do a lot of PvP, but on one server I did manage to get past level 20. At that point, I started getting a bit arrogant, and I would knock out and drown other players (I realize now that was a jerk move, but that's why I'm not on that server anymore.) My recommedation would be transporting your victims to the knockout location beforehand, then tranqing them. It's just like trapping and tranqing a tame. From there, you should be able to drag them into a cage and/or cuff them, or maybe just feed them to your Raptors (I would not recommend doing any of this if they are in a tribe unless you also have a tribe). Logged off players' bodies, I just leave them be. I'll fight and kill them when they show back up. If you want to loot a logged off player, don't kill them directly because they'll know you did it. Lure a Raptor or another relatively manageable carnivore to the body, let them do the dirty work, then kill the Raptor and loot the player's inventory (and the Raptor's, too. They usually have recipes and sometimes cloth armor, arrows (tranqs and regulars), a bow, and/or spears). Happy Hunger Games!
  4. Yeah man people don't respond well to a "gimme gimme gimme" attitude. They're already getting ready to release 2.0, which is going to be HUGE, bringing us Dungeons, Eerie Creatures, Troodons, Bosses, and TEK,, and it's barely been a year since the release. Besides, I appreciate the lack of Thylas mostly because I make several trips through the Redwoods a week and I wouldn't really enjoy having to look out for those things too. It would be cool, but I can wait. What do you want a Purlovia saddle for anyway? Besides burrowing, which they probably can't do with a rider anyways, they'd make pretty useless mounts.
  5. That'll help, thanks!
  6. Thanks guys I appreciate it!
  7. Where Are The Gigas? I am a level 70 singleplayer on Mobile. I fly North multiple times a week and kill Rexes every other day. But I can't find any GIGANOTOSAURS! I saw one about a month ago on Whitesky Peak, but I wasn't exactly in any condition to fight it, my Tapejara dead and myself unarmed except for a sword. By the time I got back to my base (just South of the Snow Biome, on the West Coast near the cliffs), retrieved some ammo for my rifle, and headed back on my Argy, the thing had despawned or something like that. I haven't seen one since. Just trying to reach Level 74 for a Rex Saddle, any general locations and/or battle strategies would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Argentavis Breeding Allow me to explain the title. I've been on Mobile for a few months and am currently level 70. My present goal is to locate and tame a Spino now that I'm finally a high enough level to craft the saddle, but I'm having problems trying to get enough metal for a ballista turret and a few chain bolas. I do have one argy I use for metal runs, Artemis, but I can only carry so much since she is a relatively low level (38). I managed to tame a quick male about a week ago so I could start breeding more instead of having to tame more high levels, but I can neither find an adequate incubation area nor anything that says it's going to be worth the wait of raising the babies. Any help is appreciated!
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