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  1. Emrys23

    mobile Ancient Amber

    All I have for you is that you can watch a 30 second-1 minute long ad every 15 minutes on ARK Mobile... You get 2 free Amber for every ad. I would not reccommend buying the Crowbar, as it costs real money (not Amber) and, at 2 Amber every 15 minutes, supposing you have an Internet connection set up at all times, would give you about 24 Amber in 3 hours, which is enough to revive most creatures (I assume you play longer than 3 hours a day though, so don't worry about a shortage). Besides that, I'd be willing to bet that Amber will be available as special loot in the Dungeons, maybe 10-20 for ea
  2. I don't do a lot of PvP, but on one server I did manage to get past level 20. At that point, I started getting a bit arrogant, and I would knock out and drown other players (I realize now that was a jerk move, but that's why I'm not on that server anymore.) My recommedation would be transporting your victims to the knockout location beforehand, then tranqing them. It's just like trapping and tranqing a tame. From there, you should be able to drag them into a cage and/or cuff them, or maybe just feed them to your Raptors (I would not recommend doing any of this if they are in a tribe unless you
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