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  1. Had this happen multiple times in last couple of days with Argy and Griffin. Both just walk forwards just after dismount. Hasn't been a thing for me until recently, I've been playing for years. Happening on Xbox on unofficial PC server, on Ragnarok. Had reports from others on the cluster that it's happened to them too.

  2. Flyers walking away

    In the last couple of days my argentavis and griffin have both decided to walk away from me after dismounting. They were on passive, and just walked slowly forward until I remounted to stop them. It has happened multiple times in different locations. Playing on unofficial server on Xbox OneX.

  3. Ferox stats reset

    Not sure if this is intended but my female Ferox reverted back to wild level after transforming her with element. She was tamed with berries prior to the patch, and received bonus levels. I have transformed them previously without losing levels but am now reluctant to use them if this will happen to all of them going forward.

  4. 4 minutes ago, nintendogamer7 said:

    I must be retarded... it keeps refusing the terminal entry. 

    I got e8785d3c-0de3-4f46-aa49-77988d7aa014 but it's probably just not working properly. Have had it not accept entries before.

    Oh wait, wrong one lol


  5. 12 hours ago, TinyHippo said:

    Here I was thinking it was a boat.

    Of note, it, 'blazing a trail' implies that it's pretty fast and that looks kinda like a platform you can build on to me.

    This thing is gonna be big.

    The "not all solid ground" made me think boat too, but then why mention the other biomes that boats wouldn't be useful in? Unless they mean avoid them altogether by staying in the ocean. 

    Perhaps a hover vehicle? They can be used on land and water, and possibly lava with a bit of artistic licence.

  6. 1 minute ago, TinyHippo said:

    Looks kinda wide, not really something you would hold. Maybe even a new saddle.

    Whenever I look at it, I see that part at the top like it's a cockpit and the rest of it is a vehicle/saddle. If that is the case then it's pretty big.

    I suppose it could be a new mek attachment.

    I'm gonna guess it shoots laser beams, don't ask why because it's just a gut feeling

    Yeah those arrows also look like they may indicate up and down movement? I agree it looks like a vehicle, not sure what kind. perhaps like a hoverbike, or a boat?!

    Absolutely shoots laser beams lol

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  7. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-04
    [LOG_RECEIVE] Survivors gravitate toward any technology they're offered.
    [LOG_RECEIVE] Doubly so when that tech helps keep them alive.
    [LOG_RECEIVE] And triply so when that tech lets them dominate those without it. Classic arms-race thinking.

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