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  1. I have emailed support(Told me to come to the forums), messaged the studio and devs. not a single response.
  2. Whats funny is when I had a problem support old me to come to the forums and write it
  3. Just be Honest With Us I recently read a post by Overkill(The people who made Payday 2). They came out after a year and a half of no updates for their switch version that they wont be updating the game at all. I want Wildcard to do that as well. We already know they went Radio silent with Abstraction Games(Console porting studio). I rather be told there wont be updates than be lied to and ignored. Seriously, they will ignore any comment you make on the game and will never answer it. Whats funny is Support told me to come here to vent my complaints because it will likely be read. No dev loo
  4. I told support this game looked terrible and has major frame rate issues. told me theres nothing they can do and to put what I wrote in the forums. Um. do they know nobody reads the switche version forums?
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