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  1. i just remembered what it is call its call certification it takes up to a month
  2. tbh I'm taking any1s side but you need to lay off wc cuz it takes more time to get stuff on console because they have to optimize stuff and they have to also send the up psn then psn does some other stuff which take a long time sorry can't remember what is called
  3. this is a really cool idea for a map if this was in ark atm it sounds like it would be fun and different and all the dinos and stuff you would to see would be a good idea for the map but the new dinos that spoke about they are all good ideas and would be cool to see . love it
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=893735676 here is the correct link for ppl who are looking for it . you can also find some packs the owner made and other stuff he made on this page but i figured i bring so it can be fixed ur welcome p.s do you still plan on adding iso crystal isles
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