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  1. at least they were honest and just said they cant bring to console at the same time as pc so im not mad gives them time to make sure it works well on console tbh
  2. its because platforms like ps4 do support mods the mod can only be one file thats why we cant get mods on console because most ark mods are more than one file but if wild card adds those mods as official parts of the game like val then they can bypass that thats why the mod support program is a thing
  3. its simple wild card picks a few mods to add as official parts of the game like eternal or primal fear
  4. what are you even saying mods like primal fear are there to make pve more fun and idk what you are saying
  5. thats what they are doing they are adding it to mod support program to became a official part of the game
  6. i just remembered what it is call its call certification it takes up to a month
  7. tbh I'm taking any1s side but you need to lay off wc cuz it takes more time to get stuff on console because they have to optimize stuff and they have to also send the up psn then psn does some other stuff which take a long time sorry can't remember what is called
  8. this is a really cool idea for a map if this was in ark atm it sounds like it would be fun and different and all the dinos and stuff you would to see would be a good idea for the map but the new dinos that spoke about they are all good ideas and would be cool to see . love it
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