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  1. Just look at the cosole prices for yourself... Yes. I started with the early access version so I didn't pay that much but I payed more then 27$ Being ripped off? Yes! Exactly. It would be okay if we were actually getting the content to match the price. Just some fresh wind... new servers... not more new broken content
  2. Wildcard - " We try to give console players the same experience as the pc players " or something like that. Yet the ps4/xbox players pay up to 10 x as much for the damn game and we don't get anything. I see steam keys go for 10$ and on PS4 we pay 40, 50, 60$? Even for a used copy. I'm not talking about mods, because thats almost impossible to do on consoles. We'd like to see the same servers that the pc players get, thats all. What a joke.
  3. If you buy a season pass then you get unlimited access to both expansions ofcourse. These expansions aren't coming until december 2019 and 2020... So what are we paying for now is my question?
  4. So... what exactly are we paying for with the new dlc? Some skins and a pet? Because it says the first expansion comes out in december, so why would I buy it tomorrow?
  5. Wipe. Wipe. Wipe. Wipe!!
  6. Make it like MTS server settings just for official. 3 man tribe with 5 x all rates. Turret damage while offline should be at least 3 x. No titans! No manas, because they screwed the game up enough. No alliances.
  7. Learn from highly populated unofficial server settings is all I have to say... Most don't have titans, manas or velonasaurs. People don't need to build in caves on those servers.
  8. Any new servers would be great really. I've also been playing ark since early access and me and alot of friends also stopped playing ark until some changes have been made. We need new servers after meshing is fixed or they need to do something about the official servers, because they we're pretty much dead 4 months ago when I stopped playing. Just waiting for something new now or I won't be coming back to ark.
  9. Honestly it has NOTHING to do with the strong tames or how big the tribes are that you're facing as a new player, it's ark... get good. THE ONLY DAMN PROBLEM are the mesh bases. They are still all there and their are enough of them. I've found several on ps4 just on 1 server myself and just watch the youtubers... they also keep finding them. Now let's say meshing is fixed - like no more ways to get behind walls. Those bases will still be there with all their OP stuff. Now you come as a new player and get built up and they just wipe you and there is nothing you can do about it because meshing is fixed right? We need a way to get them out of the walls and back into the normal map. The only way I see that being possible is to wipe the servers. Sure... It sucks. I'd also have alot to lose like most other people, but we need to do something about these "empty" servers. (Not really empty everyone is just in a DAMN wall) They can take all your loot back to their base too via teleporter or even just dropping a lootbag outside the Wall, spawning at a bed and taking it from inside the mesh. You can even popcorn it all outside and whip it from the inside. Getting tames in is simple now thanks to cryopods. You can cryopod a dino from inside too. What other options do we really have to get it back to the way it was before meshing?? I'd like to hear from you.
  10. I'm sure smalltribes servers are/will be dying. Normal official servers have been dead for a long time thanks to megatribes. The biggest issue at the moment is that any server you see maybe has 35/70 people online, but once you join you wont find any bases. You know why? Because everyone has mesh bases everywhere. There are actual mesh wars going on where people are trying to find the mesh bases of the people who meshed their mesh base. That is how the game is right now. We need official server wipes AFTER meshing is fixed to get everyone out of the damn walls, so the game can be played as it was intended OR we need new servers like Classic PvP. I'm confident that ALOT of people will come back to play. I know at least 10 people in my list alone who would be back to play and i'm only 1 person.
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