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  1. So what you want is a calendar of upcoming events. I too think these crunches are not as good as they use to be. They usually lack in any detail or just repeat stuff we are already aware of. You could just relink to previous posts to relay the same information. I hardly think a post is needed to tell us "We have things in the works, stay tuned." Just tell us the stuff when you are able to.
  2. The creature looks like it might be for underwater....at first glance! Looking over the design, the long legs could be for climbing, and the flaps on the legs might be for gliding. We don't have many creatures that can do those things besides the Rock Drake, so would be nice to have a second glider. On another note, I would love to see an option setting for servers to turn on seasonal events on consoles. EDIT: Has anyone else got a "Pandora" vibe from all these creatures? 6 limbs, multiple eyes.
  3. What you are asking for is a gun that shoots through not only walls, but anything in line of sight? Gee that doesn't sound broken at all.
  4. Any news on upcoming content? Rumor is that a new map will be released soon.
  5. We all know people want more creatures added into the game. I especially loved when the tek dinos were added into ARK over time during the Extinction promotion, but it always posed a question to me: "Why stop there?" It would be nice to see some other creatures get the "tek treatment" every couple of weeks, that way it feels like we are getting a new creature and something special. But I wouldn't stop at just tek skins. The bone skins could be a nice spooky variation to find wondering the wild, or those 3 new dino skins from the ARKaelogy. As a bonus idea, why not wander the ARKs and stumble upon an all Silver or Golden dino variant? The possibilities are endless!
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