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  1. So i dont find this to be true as ive known of others whom still live in a patched hole. And ive already been banned once for legit flying into a base spot and building in it, no warning, no first wipe just banned. I legit flew into the base spot and didnt build in the mesh area.
  2. So i found this rathole and i just used a tek jetpack, flew up in it, crouched then flew up and into it. So now my question is, is it bannable? I havent ran into any death areas, nor is there any area that looks like mesh. Would my character be banned or would my base get wiped ? Because its kinda unfair since i just legit flew in no crazy methods against coc.
  3. so ive been playing in this spot that i saw on youtube for about 3 months now. the spot was on abb, i managed to zip line into the base spot. jump and crouch into the platform where i then crouch walked for 3-4 seconds into the big open base spot. none of it was mesh. i used pillars, cliff plats and metal foundations to build up. i soon found that it was a very nice base spot though i was raided once or twice in the beginning. now the holes been patched and there's no way for me to exit. will i now be considered "meshing" just because the hole was patched or am i still allowed to live here? im
  4. so yesterday and today i haven't been able to join my main official server where my main character is on, idk what is up but im able to join every other server unofficial and official but i cannot join only the server where my character is on. i almost got on and i was being raided in the midst but could not do anything as i was booted right out 4 seconds later... now i just straight up cant even join to spawn my character in. Things ive tried. 1. logging onto another pc to join server and failed 2. starting new character on same small tribes setting then joining into my server
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