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  1. Question about mind wipe on official Is the mind wipe tonic a "you can only ever use this item once" type of item? I ask after remembering, when I ran a private server, that there is an option for unlimited Respec. As a solo player on official, and before I commit to gathering the necessary items to change my learned engrams I want to know if this is a one time only item?
  2. The skins show up in primitive plus, but that's a mod on the base game. I really want them to show up in the base game as I have all the skins, long before Genesis dropped. Might have to start pestering Xbox support about this too. Though I don't think it will go anywhere maybe they will get WC's attention.
  3. The skins show up in primitive plus. I think it's an oops on wildcards part, an oops that really needs to be fixed and quickly since we paid for them.
  4. Wasn't asking about cooking pots, but that's good to know, will save me from wasting resources on something people can't use.
  5. I'm a utilitarian by nature, so I guarantee it won't be opulent. With me things only look nice if I'm feeling creative that day, you should see the crazy layout of my personal base, though I'd really like to know about making the feeding trough public that it will feed players other dinos.
  6. Okay, but this is not a sadly situation i'm on prim plus and I trying to be kind to newly spawned players, so I'm setting up a "communal village" that they can use to get on their feet I'm planning on a community workshop with forges smithies, construction tables and lumber workbenches, a community kitchen with campfires maybe a bonfire or two and a few smokehouses, as well as a communal dino pen. Personally I'm not ready to go from a solo player to a multi person tribe yet but I do want to help out new players.
  7. Building a community village Okay this is kind something I want to do since my base is in a respawn area of a pve server. And I have a few things on my mind that I'm unsure of. 1) if I leave doors unlocked, when I go offline can people still open and close those doors. 2)if the campfire is unlocked while I'm offline can people still use it to cook and keep warm. 3) If I leave workbenches, like the smithy, unlocked can people still use it to craft items when I'm offline. 4) if I leave a large storage unlocked can access it while I'm offline. 5) if I unlock a feeding though does it feed other people's tamed, and will it if I'm offline. That the gist of this question, if I leave stuff unlocked while I'm offline can people still use them?
  8. This has been an issue since Genesis launched we paid for these skins we should have them.
  9. Admin commands don't like numbers Okay new update/patch thing and I'm trying to use admin commands trying to get a few things, namely the admin blink rifle, apparently the command box doesn't like the number 1 by itself. Here's what I mean I use the command: cheat gfi blink 1 0 0 the text doesn't get placed into the box, this is only if your trying to get 1 of the item any other number still works it is just the number 1 that it's kicking out. Don't think it's on xbox's part because before this patch hit it didn't kick out the command if number 1 in the 1 0 0 was present. And not really fond of pulling out my keyboard just to get one item, 1 it's a hassle to get set up and 2 it's too much of a temptation for my two year old who wants to play with daddy's things when he's not at home.
  10. The caves, from my understanding, were turned into mission areas to keep people from building in them because that's where most of the aberration creatures spawn like bulbdogs, roll rats, karkinos and such. Kinda stinks since the caves are mostly safe, especially during meteor showers that can come from any direction.
  11. Cryopods, ever since one of the last few patches I've not trusted HLN-A with my dinos, what happened to me was this, moving between biomes caused my dinos to go invisible (still there because I could whistle them to attack and they would) and moving to another place within the same biome HLN-A would leave the dino behind. Haven't trusted since, lose a phoenix because she turned it invisible, thank God the server admin knew what was up and gave me a new phoenix because I was pissed, that and he knew I go rabid if anything trys to touch my phoenix. RIP Spicy Hot Wing
  12. Honestly they need a flag or something in the character code something that checks if that character has been to Genesis before, all it was have to be is something along these lines Has been to Genesis before: False If True then execute genesis_intro_sequence If false then execute biome_teleport_sequence Forgive me for my bad coding analogy as I only have a basic understanding of how coding works, but it honestly should be a simple flag with an if/then command line
  13. This is still an issue, another thing is that teleporting within the same biome leaves your tamed behind. Only solution for now is to cryo your dinos before teleporting which stinks because I use a phoenix to do metal and shard runs in the volcanic biome and that bird can hold more weight than me so I have to store the metal or shards i can't carry and teleport multiple times back and forth to get everything.
  14. Rule of thumb when breeding the dinos, don't level them up and don't do the imprint bonus on dinos that you plan only to use for breeding. If you level them it muddies up the parents stats. The stats the parents level themselves before you tame them, which includes the bonus levels they get when you are taming them, are what get passed on to the baby with a 55% chance the baby takes the higher stats. Here's an example: You have one dodo with 400 health And an another dodo with 320 health The baby has a 55% chance to have 400 health and a 45% chance to have 320 health. It doesn't matter if one of the dodo's was leveled to have 500 health the baby only will have the 400 or 320 health options. Also imprinting important if you plant to use that dino to fight but not important if your only using the dino to breed better dinos. Mutations are another story. Say you have a breeding pair all stats are identical so the baby is guaranteed to have the same stats as the parents unless you get a mutation. Let's use dodo's again because why not You have two level 225 dodo's with all the stats the same, the babies come out as 225 with the same stats as the parents, if a baby developed a mutation from one or both parents then the baby will come out as 227 or 229 respectively. Honestly there's a lot of info out there however the best teacher is experience like I said if you plan to breed you don't want to fool with leveling the dinos stats for getting the imprint bonus. Teachers game too does a good job breaking it down.
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