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  1. I need some help from someone more code savvy. Is there a code I can put into the games custom ini field to increase the spawn rate of tek dinos? I would like to bump it up to about 15% to 20% spawn chance on my server.
  2. Looking forward to most of the stuff here, the egg incubator especially. Is the tek plot the equivalent of a full greenhouse in terms of growing plants efficiently? If so that would be awesome. Is the tek hoversail collapsible, as able to pick it up after? Also the tek suit mk2 looks nice, especially the no element for the jetpack, have to feed mine a fair bit since the private server I'm on likes to time out on me when I'm even thinking about going to the city on Extinction.
  3. Yes that is one of the fun things that the bloodstalkers do, but thinks that did remind me that you can charge super jump while walking. Thanks for reminding me about climbing with the web, I do this all the time on the ocean biome spires. Have fun with stealing magma eggs, even though 90% of the stuff in there cans hit you when your about them the bats can.
  4. Bloodstalker Controls (Xbox) Here's my list of bloodstalkers controls for Xbox I think I've figured out most of them. Bloodstalker Controls (Xbox) Basic Shoot both webs LT Shoot single web RT (Aim somewhere else and press LT to shoot the second web) Reel yourself up by holding LT (alternatively look up and hold RT to reel yourself up without the stalker letting go after) To reel yourself down hold LB + LT Web a creature RT (hold RT to reel them and auto attack) creature must have a magenta target reticule
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