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  1. Windhart Servers (PVP) PLEASE NOTE WE RUN 9 SERVERS WITH 7 OF THEM BEING CLUSTERED AND PVE (1 is for events, the other is our PVP server)! WE'VE ADDED A PVP RAGNAROK IN THE LAST WEEK AND THIS POST IS FOR THAT SERVER SPECIFICALLY! Come play on a Ragnarok like you've never experienced before! Access to all dinos, all bosses, all resources, and all engrams without having to ever leave to another server. Get it all in one place! No Wipes (We have only wiped Extinction once due to adding it to our transferable cluster servers. This is the only wipe we've done in about 3 years) Fair gaming Friendly and helpful people Active Admins Monthly Events for both PVE and PVP players All rates, rules and info can be found at the links given below! Please make sure to join our Discord AND Steam group to read up on our rules. Periodic Boosted Rate events Cross-ARK Chat; enables you to talk to everyone that's on through discord and visa-a-versa! In-Game Kibble Helpers Wild Corrupted Wyvern & Corrupted Rock Drake Eggs Double Demolishing Timers (Your stuff is safer for longer when you don't log in for a bit) Weekend Raffles (Win in-game items like resources, gear, BP's Dinos, etc. 3 Chances every weekend!) Community Goals (With perks for the entire community for reaching them!) and much more! Discord & Steam Group Windhart Discord Windhart Steam Group Click here for info on our rates, mods, settings, etc!
  2. Just something new ya know? Having the same thing over and over again gets lame. Maybe some new hairstyles that actually look good, new event only dinos that you can tame and keep even after the event is over. Just something besides a re-skin of the same candy and a dino color change. I can get whatever color I want with a enough breeding, when you run your own server you can change the rates too. Give us something that we CAN'T necessarily do as server owners or players. Where's the excitement that the old events had?
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