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  1. @Alphal I do apologize as I just saw this, are you still having issues? Please let me know!
  2. It would be different if WC hasn't missed/pushed back almost EVERY deadline they've had. They're using this as an excuse for their inability to keep a schedule. I love this game and I try to support the mods where I can, but taking advantage of the situation of the world right now is just sad... The murder was horrible, the riots, stealing, looting is horrible, the covid scare and just the state of the world is just horrible, please don't take advantage of that and use it as an excuse.
  3. ARK POS Calculator! Hey all! I created a POS admin command calculator, I know that there is some websites out there with key locations and a clickable map, but it's not for all maps and there wasn't a way for you to input your own coords. So I've gone ahead and created one! How to use it is all in the spread sheet! This has helped me immensely in needing to teleport to specific locations as an admin! Cheers! ARK POS Caculator You can follow this topic for future releases and updates (ie, mod maps possibly added, new maps added)
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