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  1. @TheHarlequin77 I don’t want god console its boring and like you said you max out your game first day and its not fun anymore, i want to be able to adjust my taming and harvesting rates to make the game just a little bit quicker
  2. I’ve played both the PC and mobile version, and I’d have to say i liked the PC version more purely because i could control the harvesting and taming rates. In the mobile version even taming a pteredon ,which was one of the easiest tames on PC, was hard, it took a long time and on PC it took 1 minute, and its not just pteredons, its everything else too, getting wood is a whole other challenge too. So i was just wondering if you were going to add changing rates into the mobile version for singleplayer because I personally feel like it would make the game a little more enjoyable for us non-grinders.
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