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  1. Adelphia - A New Valguero PVPVE server - Kits/Shop/NPP/Jobs/SafeZones New Family Friendly PVPVE server on Valguero! Kits/Shop/NPP/ORP/S+/CF/ARKomatic/Quests/UpgradeStation/OPDrops Party of Six Class and questing system. and more! Mod List Join Now!
  2. Upcoming Medieval/Fantasy server looking for Master Builders Adelphia - A Medieval Fantasy Ark Server is looking for a few master builders to help build cities/towns/trading villages on fantasy/medieval server. All buildings and settings will be Medieval/Fantasy themed. We are using the Castles, Keeps and Forts, Medieval Architecture mod as our primary building mod along with Medieval Structures 2. If you are interested in helping with this ambitious and unique project please visit the server discord channel here for more information. We will be looking for dedicated testers for our upcoming Alpha testing soon. Apply on our discord channel or find out more info here. Fluctuating server mod list Server Characteristics: 1. No modern engrams - this includes most metal and Tek, gunpowder type of weapons, etc. 2. Many of the regular dino's are absent with more of a focus on natural creatures or mythical creatures. 3. RPG class system with questing 4. Cities for trade and communication - safe zones 5. Trade system via Capitalism Currency mods 5. Much of the server rates are custom (drops, levels, creature spawns, etc.) 6. True PVPVE experience with PVE zones, protected zones, etc.) 7. Enjoy the journey. Challenging and yet fair pace of progression. Difficult to reach max level. 8. Much more! 9. We want your feedback and input in helping make the server a great and unique experience. Road Map: Target Dates - Now - Building of cities/villages/safe zones (depending upon the availability of builders) as well as major tweaking of server settings. WIP 6/16/2019 - Alpha testing (will include lots of creature/character testing, item balancing, leveling progression pacing, custom drops, testing class/rpg system, end game, etc) Will most likely invite a few ppl to do some spot testing before this date, depending upon available testers. 6/22/2019 - Beta Testing (will depend on how much progress has been made, will go as long as needed) - Would love to launch the server around the first of July but want to make sure it is ready. All of this will depend upon the amount of help and commitment of the community.
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