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  1. "we will be turning our focus more directly on to bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements for the core game in the weeks ahead." What means that
  2. Spino, Sarco, Carno, Raptor, Female Megaloceros, Plesio, and Argie.Spino, Sarco, Carno, Raptor, Female Megaloceros, Plesio, and Argie. There are many animals that needs a remodel. But i'm going to talk about this 7 animals. Basically, they have to be ANIMALS, not 3d models without souls. Spino: Visual remodel. Improve swim animation (Something similar to the Baryonyx). This is not a direct change for the spino, but it would be great seeing the Coelacanths running away when some Spino is hunting in the water. (Same when any piscivorous dinosaur or the player are hunting.) Sarco: Visual remodel. Usually they're sunbathing with an open mouth (or not) or lurking calmly inside the water. The Sarcos could have this two behaviours: Beeing calmly inside the water, waiting for a small prey to catch it out the water and drag it into the water. (Like the Kaprosuchus, but better)(It would be awesome if they could catch medium preys, like the Parasaur). And just fight when they have to defense themselves from a big animal. Carno: Visual remodel with spikes from the head to the tail, like the actual crocodiles. This is because of osteoderms of the back and this means more protection in this area, so it could be logical reciving less damage in this zone. Hability to charge against an enemy. It would be more fast, but you can doge it taking advantage of the fact that he can't change de direction very well. Raptor: Visual remodel. You try to be accurate, doing a quadruped spinosaurus. But after, we have raptors without feathers. Why? Their most lethal weapon was his claw, why they don't use it? It is a perfect weapon to hurt their preys, being a clean cut, it would be possible that it cause bleeding. They had a biggest brain than other dinosaurs, so the had enough intelligence to hunt in groups. Megaloceros: Visual remodel (Female). Breakable horns. More difficult to hunting them, running away from more far distance. Or maybe reacting aggressively defending himself only when he is enough strong to fight the hunter (Depending the lvl). Plesio: Visual remodel. More area to attack the enemies using his long and flexible neck, bending it to reach the victims. And the hability to catch small fishes, since it is known that his mouth was perfect to that. Argie: Visual remodel. Hability to detect corpses from largest distance. Change the spawn not to appear only in the mountains, as well in the sky, high enough not to be easily detected but low enough to detect corpses in the ground. Plus: Biped animation for the bear to intimidate an enemy.
  3. And that's how to ruin a game like ARK...
  4. Seems that the desert will be another game... New dinos, mechanics, map...... HYPE!
  5. Amazing!! I can't wait for this!! :DD
  6. OMG! I can't wait more for this!! But i have a question! I know that one of the dinosaurs that living in redwoods is the moschops. And surely other existing dinosaur in ARK. But what dinosaur, appart from the moschops, we will see in the redwoods? (I say a dinosaur that appear only in that biome)
  7. Someone knows you have to do to your question appears in a "Ark Digest" ??
  8. There is no doubt that this animal is to the desert, but I have a doubt. In a video of ARK is developing the desert and looked huge. Besides, 2 towers were seen in the desert area (A tower, sure he was in the desert, the other will not get to see). Everything looks to be a boss of the desert. But something does not fit me, ARK logo is 3 triangles of colors representing 3 bosses. So logic would not lose if they add another? And every time the developers talk of the desert, using adjectives like: big, huge, etc. But also they have said that adding the biome desert island would present too. That means that make the island bigger? Or will another island? What do you think of this?
  9. I Vote for the new boss of the desert biome! Dont you believe it?
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