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  1. I would like to see PSVR compatibility. Nothing too fancy, just the regular controller and the ability to look around the environment and play the game.
  2. Give the Tek ATV a TLC pass. Add a wheel animation and get creative with it. Possible attachments like the mek? Fix the bugs with how it interacts with structures. Bring back the Metal Tier Dune Buggy and have it consume gas.
  3. Viron

    Dino routes

    I like the idea of a waypoint patrol system. Also more dinos with auto harvesting features.
  4. Viron

    Public Structures

    Have an option to unclaim attached structures or set structures to public. Sort of how you can unclaim dinos. That way creative people who like to build can share their works with non tribemates and/or bob's community.
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