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  1. Extinction titans I have a question for Ark Survival Evolved on the Map Extinction. There are Titans and I was wondering if you use a summon code, will it only let you have it tamed for 5 days. I read that's what the default game rule is but if i spawn it in will it make a difference? Thanks.
  2. Tek cave dino spawn I'm assuming you can spawn dinos right in the tek cave from admin commands. Am I wrong? If so will it make the game freak out? And what level spawn in dinos can one spawn in without the game bugging and quitting? Thanks for any help.
  3. Tek cave help I am wondering how to dinos safely to the tek cave. I tried buoling a tek bridge sorta. But there has to be a other way. Anything helps please.
  4. Max level for spawning in dinos? I was wondering if I have my diff at .05 then what is the max level for spawning in a dino. I tried a 10000 level dino a few times then the game crashed. I could use some help thanks.
  5. What regular kibble can do Can regular kibble work to tame anything. Please help.
  6. Do any command codes or gfi codes, spawn codes or whatever disable any acheiments or effect the game at all in single player?
  7. Does anyone know on xbox how to put a node on yourself?
  8. Does it matter how I set my settings for single player in order to receive achievements? Can I set it to whatever I want and still get all the game has to offer?
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