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  1. Hi I transferred my official server character on xbox one and it 

    disappeared and it's not in download ark survivor 

    my name was Thnx NINJA and I was in lvl 78 plz say that you guys can restore it.  I transferred it from a scorched earth server name pve-Eu-Xbox-scorchedearth899 and when I tryed transfer it to pve-Eu-xboxofficial493 I have done this many times but this time it got bugged and crashed and now I can't find my character plz help!

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    2. ThnxNINJA


      Yeah I know I dont actually have any hope right now and i have made a choice that if I don't get my character back I will quit the game because it's to much play time to just lose and I can't Lvl up to that Lvl again it's just to much work and I'm to busy to Lvl up to that Lvl again have high school to think about.

    3. LuciferISK


      same happened here on pc i lost 2 gigas thanks to that bug

    4. Rgage


      Sounds about right. Take your time WC it's not like my Dino's will all be claimable in a day or so... oh wait..