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  1. The main basis of this idea is an Ark with more verticality rather than horizontality if that's even a word... Current maps are expansive in all directions with biomes sorted neatly into puzzle pieces that form what we see as the world. For example the Island's Jungle or Aberration's Mushroom Forest. What I propose is to have each biome be a "floor" within the world, with the player needing to go to keep descending downwards. Aberration explored this idea lightly by separating the overworld from the underground whilst Extinction separated specific biomes to particular zones. The structure would resemble dungeons in which players explore floor after floor handling each of their specific challenges. Say one floor being submerged in water entirely except for floating bubbles whilst another would be a series of tunnels and caverns. As for the theme of this expansion the name says a lot: emphasis on plants & insects. Ranging from berries, vegetables and mushrooms as well as the addition of some fruits, additional food types with available effects and recipes are welcomed, but it is the next portion that particularly excites me. Natural vegetation obstacles. I'm talking about: Venus Flytraps camouflaged with the environment and suddenly biting towards passing creatures Creatures walking over leaves or vines only for them to break and fall inside a Pitcher Plant that traps it to consume them if they don't escape on time Mutated Lichen that continuously but slowly expands over structures if not taken out Creatures getting tangled in vines and/or roots from floating Cattails (underwater) slowing speed or even suffocating them. Naturally, having some of these accessible as seeds to plant would be amazing as well! As for insects, start by making the available ones breedable by crafting or finding places to place their brood. Then add others such as: Huge Rhyno beetles (which can walk or fly very slowly but can carry a lot, and can take a lot of damage and in the case of males dish it out as well) A larger variant of Meganeura which players can ride on. Silkworms that are carried for high insulation but also possess the once mentioned, but never implemented, perk of the moth to generate silk. The Ant Queen that was once teased, but never officially revealed can come into play in a very similar manner to the Queen Bee's summoning of bee warriors! The idea in a crutch is a layered underground world, possibly going down the roots of a large tree that functions as the starting point for the player. This map would serve as not only a survival challenge, but also speedrunning challenge, fun and varied stages of pvp or simply a wondrous experience as players find themselves seemingly shrunk to the size of ants! This idea is one I've imagined for some time which is why it's so expansive. Call it my dream DLC and if they so little as inspire One idea from the developers I'd be quite content. If not, just seeing new creatures come is always fun!
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